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The Russians Sabotaged My Sir Darryl Tribute (S.2 Ep.7)

For the first 15 minutes of the show, the Russians caused technical difficulties.

Once that is over, I start off the show with sharing with the audience a poem I had written back in 2005. The poem was about me as a teenager, wishing I could relate to other heterosexual guys at my school.

Next, I struggle to come up with nice things to say about the Sir Darryl Radio Experience, so I end going back and forth between talking about his show and talking about myself.

All of the musical breaks are in dedication to the end of The Sir Darryl Radio Experience.

Sir Darryl Radio Ends 3 of 4 Dedicated To Radio Dan

Sir Darryl Radio Ends (Show 2 of 4)

Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 7/16/18

Our leader retired. And since he tried to replace his show over hours, isn’t it about time? So you think you had a bad day? We have three stories that are way worse. Plus more silly stuff. The pod:

2018 Ep25

Sir Darryl Radio Experience Comes To An End (7/16/18)

Negative Energy Drove Me to Attempt Suicide (S.2 Ep.6)

INTRO: Journal Entry from March 12, 2006

TOPIC ONE: Once again at work, I was called a faggot. Did I handle the situation like a adult or like a child?

TOPIC TWO: I am a person who feed off of negative energy. While at work, I realized that negative energy, or a situation that had nothing to do with me, drove me to attempt suicide.

MUSIC BREAK: Brockhampton “Sister/ Nation”

TOPIC THREE: Jurors sentence a gay man to death because ‘he would enjoy life in a male prison’



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