TOTD-Celebration-Norman Brown

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TGIF here’s a some awesome guitar playing for ya to kick your day off.

The Radio Dan Show: July 29th, 2016

RIP Jack Davis, Evictions on Sesame Street, Lifetime will remake Beaches, Rocketeer Reboot, Rotten Tomatoes: Jason Bourne, Bad Moms, Batman: The Killing Joke, Nerve.

TOTD-Rufast Daliarg-Rene Marie

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You may or may not be familiar with Rene, but her tone falls in the classic jazz ring and you will feel comfortable listening as if you have heard her before. Felt jazzy today and she definitely fits the bill. This tune is one of my favorite for it’s playful swing from the first note. I guess this can be classified as a TBT but it’s really just classic jazz swing.

We Need White People On This Planet


Darryl gives a very heartfelt appeal to the population on our planet to make sure that white people continue to feel appreciated as we cannot survive on this planet without them if they decide to take off to another planet!  Also today Darryl calls Chick Fi La to complement them on advertising,  ponders about dealing with dead bodies and talks Manning and Politics with Alan!

The Radio Dan Show: July 28th, 2016

Dan dives into the story of the 1977 movie Sorcerer and it’s place in movie history.

TOTD -Love Contract-Musiq Soulchild

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Musiq Soulchild I guess could now be considered one of the veterans of neo soul. He has been making music for quite awhile now. Though his latter projects have not enjoyed tremendous acclaim, he is still a great artist and continues to make enjoyable music. This si one of my favorites form his 2011 project.

TOTD – All Matter(feat Bilal) – Robert Glasper

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Bilal has a version of this on his Air Tight’s Revenge project but this is the one I favor for multiple reasons. The composition with the lyrics make this a very interesting song to listen to and Bilal’s vocals are on point.. “What is love?” the lyrics ask…it’s “all matter” Have a great day.

The Radio Dan Show: July 26th, 2016

Review of Ghostbusters, MST3K to Netflix, A Pepe Le Pew movie is happening, Yahoo to be swallowed up whole by Verizon.



Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 7/25/16

off the hook radio podcast

The DNC scandal shocked Off the Hook! An email problem? Say it aint so Hilly! Well of course she immediately hired the main offender. Pokemon funnies; Menopause reversal- Maybe NOT a good idea? Plus more goofy crap. the Pod:

TOTD-Find My Way to Love (Chantae Cann)-Jaspects

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This is my introduction to Jaspects, so I will look them up to see what I could learn about them, but before learning anything about them I can hear the influences of Robert Glasper. Will be interesting to see if I am right. Chantae I am familiar with from her appearance on Snarky Puppy project and I just picked up her project too which I will share from later this week. So far I am loving their versatility and musicianship. Looking forward to hearing more from them. Hope you are having a great Monday! © 2015 Frontier Theme