The Radio Dan Show: Dec. 5th, 2016

True Romance, RIP Van Williams, Bernardo Bertolucci’s reaction, The moral conundrum of Casey Affleck.

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Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 12/5/16

off the hook radio podcast

Off the Hook Radio wonders why cow farts upset Gov Moonbeam. Italian actress pays off unlike Madonna. #OrangePotus wont need Twitter when he can text America! Check out the Pod here:

Artist On The Bubble Live Week #49



Guch Ft. Beat King – Way UP
Album: 007 (Coming Soon)

Siya – I Know I Know
Album: Siya Vs Siya

Ambre ft Kehlani – No Service In The Hills (4 Wks, Last #11, Pk #11)

Tiara Thomas – OTW

Fuzz Rico ft Van – Wassup (Top 10 Smash Hit)
Album: In Due Time

Mani Marino – Unexpected (Prod. By StewRat) (Debut)
Mixtape: The 80:20 Rule

Brenden Leigh ft Anye Elite – Get Up

DJ Richie Skye ft Chris Deloatch – Jammin (Top 10 Smash Hit)
Album: Thirst Trap
Lil Bit – Panda Freesyle

Medino Green – In My Bag

The Most – The Truth (Top 40 Smash Hit)
Mixtape: Most Anticpated

Sony Cobain ft Isis Polite – Jack’d (Top 10 Smash Hit)

Melli B – Shorty (Top 10 Smash Hit)

Tizz – On Mee (4 Wks, Last #37, Pk #37)

Quanny Lakes ft Cardiff Brothers – Too Far Away (Top 40 Smash Hit)

Bry’nt – Las Vegas (#1 Smash Hit)
Album: Brynt Park
Troy Garrick – Wonderin (14 Wks, Last #27, Pk #05)
Album: Neon

Todrick Hall ft Jay Armstrong – Colors
Album: Straight Outta Oz

Shawn Gotts – Our Lives Matter

The Silent The Celeb – Funny (6 Wks, Last #25, Pk #25)
EP: The Silent Celeb Project

Coy ft Symone – Forever

Davi Akei – Asylum (#1 Smash Hit)

Damien Nova, Earth Tone, Arrogant and Eriq Troi – Slide Remix
Trap Cry – Blahblahblah
Album: Blonde Ambition

KIINGA x JayLing – Fade

Neen – Not Again
Album: When Things Change

Renny Tha Rebel – Jealousy
Ep: Been Trill

AMET Ricky – Switch Up
Ep: LxVE

Rob B – 701
Album: Eleven Eleven

QBoy ft. Darkwah – Music Makes Us Dance (Crossflow Remix)
Album: Qing

Big Freedia – Ol Lady (Lazer Disk Remix) (Top 10 Smash Hit)
Album: Just Be Free

Etnik ft Mykki Blanco – Unclassified

The Weekly Top 40 Week #49

Top 40

40) Boyfriend ft Big Freedia – Marie Antoinette (14 Wks, Last #40, Pk #23)


39) Rayne – Catch A Case (2 Wks, Last #39, Pk #39)


38) Blimes Brixton & Gavlyn – Timezones (4 Wks, Last #38, Pk #36)

Ep: Dodgy

37) Guch – War Pain Remix (6 Wks, Last #35, Pk #24)


36) Zebra Katz – Hello Hi (3 Wks, Last #36, Pk #36)


35) Kenilworth Katrina – Wait A Min Remix (7 Wks, Last #21, Pk #06)


34) Ether L Banks ft Shai Sevin – Cuban Linx 16 (15 Wks, Last #34, Pk #06)

Album: Black and Purple 2.0

33) BSlade ft Piff Herrera – Big Black Speakers (14 Wks, Last #26, Pk #04)

Mixtape: The Black Belt

32) Todrick Hall – Dumb (24 Wks, Last #32, Pk #01)

Album: Straight Outta Oz

31) Kamau Kenyatte – World Domination (27 Wks, Last #31, Pk #01)

Album: World Domination

Top 30

30) Cakes Da Killa – New Phone (7 Wks, Last #30, Pk #13)

Album: Hedonism

29) Young MA – Quiet Storm (7 Wks, Last #29, Pk #01)

Mixtape: Sleep Walkin

28) Frank Ocean – Nikes (15 Wks, Last #28, Pk #05)

Album: Blonde

27) Kerry D – Crossroads (7 Wks, Last #15, Pk #15)


26) Quanny Lakes – Decline (3 Wks, Last #–, Pk #20)


25) Aina – Out Your League (6 Wks, Last #25, Pk #17)


24) Shea Diamond – I Am Her (6 Wks, Last #19, Pk #12)


23) Slim Jenkins ft Freeddie P – Look At Her Clap (Debut)


22) Mykki Blanco – The Plug Won’t (18 Wks, Last #22, Pk #07)

Album: Mykki

21) Daryn Alexus – Homesick (6 Wks, Last #15, Pk #10)


This Week Last Year Recap

Flashback BonusTrack

01) Ether L Banks – Opposite  Attraction (6 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)


Top 20

20) Bobby Lytes – Make Some Money (9 Wks, Last #16, Pk #02)

Album: Coming Soon

19) Miss Money ft Sasha Meade – Blow it Down (4 Wks, Last #12, Pk #12)


18) Cakes Da Killa – Talkin Greezy (8 Wks, Last #18, Pk #01)

Album: Hedonism

17) Splash T – Throw Your Hands Up (4 Wks, Last #13, Pk #13)


16) Soda Pop – Baywatch (2 Wks, Last #23, Pk #16)


15) Moet – Blessings (4 Wks, Last #08, Pk #08)


14) Fuzz Rico Feat. T-Brazy – Bonnie & Clyde (12 Wks, Last #14, Pk #07)

Album: In Due Time

13) Sur Ellz – Indigo (2 Wks, Last #17, Pk# 13)


12) J. Harvard Ft. Kxng Solo – Sauce God (2 Wks, Last #20, Pk #12)


11) Young MA – Ooouuu (30 Wks, Last #07, Pk #01)


Top 10

10) Ziggy – Simple & Plain (6 Wks, Last #10, Pk #05)


09) PJ ft Jevon Doe – Tell Me (7 Wks, Last #09, Pk #09)

Album: Rare

08) Keke Palmer – Hands Free (Debut)

Album: Lauren

07) Frank Ocean ft Beyonce – Pink + White (12 Wks, Last #03, Pk #01)

Album: Blond

06) Siya – My Sons (4 Wks, Last #06, Pk #01)

Album: Siya vs Siya

05) B.Slade – CONVERSATION (5 Wks, Last #05, Pk # 01)


04) Chio Yung ft. Jwadee – I Got (5 Wks, Last #04, Pk #04)

Mixtape: Sativa Sober

03) Angel Haze – Resurrection (Debut)


02) Tish Hyman – All I Can Do (2 Wks, Last #02, Pk #02)

Ep: Dedicated To

01) Parson James – Sad Song (5 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)


The Kris Avalon Show S. 2 Ep. 13



The Music:
Brandy – What About Us
Mykki Blanco feat. Jean Deaux – Loner
Jojo Feat. Remy Ma – FAB
Cakes Da Killa Feat. Rye Rye – Gon Blow
The Topics:
Soul Train Awards Recap
Did Brandy Throw Some Serious Shade At Monica At The Soul Train Awards? Monica Responds
Kim Kardashian Puts Her Emotional Trauma Aside To Focus On Husband Kanye West’s Recovery
Montell Jordan Says Regular Procedures Won’t Work, Kanye West Needs God To Find Peace
Wiz Khalifa Offers To Send Kanye Some Weed To The “Mental Institution”
Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Arrested Back In September For Drug Possession
Woman Pickpockets Hamilton Audience Members At Least A Half Dozen Times Over Six Months
Colin Kaepernick Gets Booed During 49ers – Dolphins Game For Pro Castro Comments
Nick Cannon Says Planned Parenthood Is Nothing But “Population Control”
Mariah Carey Addresses Rumored Relationship With Dancer Bryan Tanaka
T.I. Shares Video Of Kevin Hart Making A Joke About Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Responds With A Picture Of A Check
Justin Bieber Says Instagram Is The Devil
Apollo Nida Files For Divorce From Phaedra Parks, Wants Joint Custody Of Their Kids
Basketball Wives To Add Nick Young’s Ex and Dwayne Wade’s Break Baby Mama To The Cast
DMX Wants You To Know: “I Ain’t Never Sucked A Dick In My Life”
50 Cent Talks Vivica Fox On WWHL: Says Because I Let Her Lick My Ass, She Thinks I’m Gay”
Ginuwine Is Proud, But Embarrassed That His Dick Pic Went Viral
Marc Anthony Might Want JLo Back
Tammy Rivera Says It’s “Weak” For Women To leave Their Cheating Husbands
Moonlight Kicks Off Trophy-Snatching Season With Record Wins At The Gotham Awards
Moonlight And American Honey Lead 32nd Independent Spirit Award Nominees
2017 Critics Choice Awards Nominations Celebrate Diversity
Mykki Blanco Calls Out Black Media For Overlooking Black Queer Artists
In The Wake Of Trump’s Win There Has Been A Ceremony In Recognition of Black, Gay Men
Lady Gaga Says “I Will Do Everything I Can To Defend LGBT Progress Under Trump”
Trump Supporter Wants The President Elect To Demolish The Stonewall Inn to Fight ‘Evil’ Obama Sodomy Agenda
Jennifer Saunders Says Absolutely Fabulous Is Dead
Drag Race Judge Lucian Piane Goes On Racist Twitter Tirade
Lawmaker Who Sexed Catholic School Boy Took Lie Detector Test To Prove Heterosexuality
Indonesian “Sex Party” Raid Sparks Outcry From Human Rights Groups
John Waters Wants To Open A Sex Club In Provincetown
Heir To Fiat Fortune Arrested With Male Escort For Faking Own Kidnapping
Scotland Debates Completely Lifting The Gay Blood Ban
Orlando Cruz Lost The Chance To Become First Gay World Boxing Champion


Unproduced Cannon: LaBrava

labravaWe’re back with a quickie. Cannon Films might have more announced, yet unproduced movies than ones they actually bothered to make. What made Dustin Hoffman sign and then quickly back out of deal to star in an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s LaBrava? We take a  look at what might have been.

The Radio Dan Show: Nov. 30th, 2016

What happened on Empire?, RIP Grant Tinker, Detective Pikachu is a thing, What is The KingKiller Chronicles?, Nickelback to deter drunks.

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