ADR Promotions

Each month our 16 stations attract Hundreds of Thousands of listeners. We broadcast through iTunes Radio, Shoutcast, Stitcher and many other listening tools. The All Digital Radio Network is very accessible which makes it great for promotional opportunities.

Services offered for $5 includes us airing your one minute (or less) ad every 4 hours on 5 different stations.  With upgrades your ad will air on up to 8 stations and as often as once every single hour! This results in your ad being played up to 192 times per day!

Let’s get Started! Place your order,  Upload your commercial and If you don’t have a commercial produced yet, send us your script and we’ll professionally record it.


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Unsigned Radio

In today’s world, the Underground Music epidemic is slipping away. The accessibility of music has gone above and beyond its limits. We at The All Digital Radio have a dynamic opportunity for UNSIGNED ARTIST ONLY. An internet radio station motivated and dedicated to giving Underground Music an outlet for exposure is what we have created, Unsigned Radio Channel 214.

For ONLY 5 dollars, your song (no longer than 5 mins) will spin at least once every four hours on Unsigned Radio. This results in your song airing over 40 times in one week. The opportunity for exposure is limitless. The station gives musicians a spot to hear some other unsigned competition and allows talent seekers easy access to potential signees.

For any questions, or to get started email us at [email protected]

Advertising  and Promotion Starting at $5.00

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