The Weekly Top 40 Week #12

Top 40 

40) Jay Triiiple – Chill Bill (8 Wks, Last #36, Pk #05)


39) B.Slade – CONVERSATION (17 Wks, Last #34, Pk # 01)

Mixtape: The Black Belt 

38) J. Harvard ft Chris J – Freedom (12 Wks, Last #38, Pk #01)


37) Young MA – EAT (13 Wks, Last #21, Pk #01)


36) Kehlani – Czy (8 Wks, Last #22, Pk #01)

Album: Sweet Sexy Savage 

35) Star Cavalli – Out Of Pocket (9 Wks, Last #35, Pk #04)

Album: StaR&B 

34) Makonnen – Side To Side (9 Wks, Last #28, Pk #10)


33) BreZ – Trillest (11 Wks, Last #33 Pk #16)

Album: Round One

32) Gizzle – Melanin (7 Wks, Last #23, Pk #18)


31) Kevin Abstract – Papercut (6 Wks, Last #27, Pk #10)

Album: American Boyfriend 

Top 30 

30) Likwuid ft 2 Hungry Bros – Hold That (Faybels) (6 Wks, Last #30, Pk #30)

Album: Fay Grim

29) Mr Bouvier – Sex With My Ex (7 Wks, Last #29, Pk #13)

Album: The Yellowboy Chronicles 

28) Young Tef – POMS (Piece of My Story) (3 Wks, Last #12, Pk #08)


27) Kim Joyce – Oh Why (4 Wks, Last #03, Pk #03)


26) Mykki Blanco – Rock N Roll Dough (6 Wks, Last #18, Pk #15)

Album: Mykki

25) B.Slade – Leave The Lights On (6 Wks, Last #16, Pk #01)


24) Davi Akei – Distance (9 Wks, Last #24, Pk #01)


23) Doug Thee Savage – Trialz & Tribulationz (4 Wks, Last #13, Pk #06)

Album: Trialz & Tribulationz 

22) Khaos Da Rapper – Eh! (2 Wks, Last #26, Pk #22)


21) Jennifair ft Deion Luis – Sugar (Debut)

Album: Tale Of Two Cities

This Week Last Year Recap

Flashback BonusTrack 

 01) Big Freedia – I Heard (3 Wks, Last #03, Pk #01)


Top 20

20) Soda Pop – Fallback (4 Wks, Last #20, Pk #20)


19) Kerry D – With You (DBLMNT x MNSTR) (5 Wks, Last #19, Pk #19)


18) Frank Ocean & Calvin Harris ft. Migos – Slide (4 Wks, Last #17, Pk #01)


17) Syd – All About Me (9 Wks, Last #06, Pk #01)

Album: Fin 

16) Knoxxy – Evion (2 Wks, Last #08, Pk #08)


15) Laith Ashley – Can’t Wait (2 Wks, Last #15, Pk #15)


14) Kevin Abstract – Runner (Debut)

Album: American Boyfriend 

13) Keeco – Back At It (Debut)


12) Siya ft Tank – Don’t U (Say Yes) (Debut)

Ep: Commitment 

11) Ether L Banks – FLVXIN (4 Wks, Last #07, Pk #07)


Top 10

10) Splash T ft Loco Ninja, Mr West & Ripparachie – Put it On Em (3 Wks, Last #10, Pk #10) 


09) Pokah Havoc – Raven Symone (3 Wks, Last #09, Pk #09)

Ep: Coming Summer

08) Jussie Smollett – F.U.W. (Debut)


07) GUCH – EAT (Shots Fired) (2 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)


06) Syd – Body (6 Wks, Last #11, Pk #06)

Albulm: Fin 

05) Kamau Kenyatte – Current Situation (Debut)

Album: World Domination 

04) Taylor Bennett – Roof Gone (4 Wks, Last #04, Pk #04)

Album: Restoriation Of An American Idol

03) Chey – Winner (Debut)

Mixtape: Untitled 

02) Frank Ocean – Chanel (2 Wks, Last #05, Pk #02)

Album: Blonded 

01) Young MA – Kween (3 Wks, Last #02, Pk #01)

Ep: Herstory

AOTB Live Week #12

Artist On The Bubble


Mani The Mogul – Wired Up (Debut)

Supreme BG – Preme Passage

Yel – Soul Travel (Fallen Remix)

Angel Haze – Babe Ruthless (#1 Smash Hit)
Album: Back To The Woods

Siya ft JDoe – Haters (#1 Smash Hit)

Temper – Xpensive Taste (#1 Smash Hit)
Album: Cocaine Lines II

Medino Green – Don’t Run Remix

Lil Bit – I’ma Fool

Fly Young Red – Panda Remix (Top 20 Smash Hit)

Kamau Kenyatte – 1800 (#1 Smash Hit)
Album: Popa

Symponic ft Zé – RearView (6 Wks, Last #26, Pk #15)
Album: No Rest For The Weary

Kin4Life – Type Girl, Right Girl (#1 Smash Hit)

Kaoz – Brother 2 Brother (Da Classics)
Album: Enter Sextions Vol. 2

EarthTone – New Balance (Top 20 Smash Hit)
Album: New Balance

Cakes Da Killa – Talkin Greezy (23 Wks, Last #40 Pk #01)
Album: Hedonism

Siya ft Knoxxy – Selfish Freemix (8 Wks, Last #14, Pk #08)
Mixtape: Commitment

Medino Green – Forgot About Me (Da Classics)
Mixtape – The 4 Wall Project

BSlade ft Piff Herrera – Big Black Speakers (Top 10 Smash Hit)
Mixtape: The Black Belt

Parson James – Temple (Top 20 Smash Hit)

Billy Winn – Unhappy
Single :

Shaton – Rebel 4 Love
ALbum: Shaton Lyrics

Jen Miller – My Type (prod. Jake Vicious)

Ze – Sweet Love, New Drug

Sur Ellz – Gotta Find Love
Album: Nagic

Baron – The Remedy (Da Classics)
Ep: Radioheart

Cakes Da Killa ft Dai Burger – Rapid Fire
Album: Easyt Bake Oven

Etnik ft Mykki Blanco – Unclassified

Onyema Grace – Melodies from Heaven (7 Wks, Last #37, Pk #29)

Anita Will – Heard Them Say (5 Wks, Last #32, Pk #32 )

Papi – Baecation (Prod. Cashmoneyap)

Rah Rah Gabor – Kitana’s Waltz

Executive – Real Gay

The Kris Avalon Show S. 2 Ep. 28

The Music:
RuPaul – American
Todrick Hall feat. RuPaul – Low
Iggy Azalea – Mo Bounce
The Topics:
Kim Kardashian Reveals Details About Paris Robbery, Says She Was Mentally Prepared To Be Raped And Killed
Tyson Beckford Says He Has No Respect For Chris Brown & Thinks He’s On Drugs
Drake Replaces Jennifer Lopez’s Vocals On New Song Get It Together & Admits He Still Drunk Texts Her
Meek Mill Suggests Nicki Minaj Is Paying Blogs To Discredit Him
Mike Epps Wife Meshelle Wants 109k a Month In Spousal Support, Claims She’s Too Old To Get A Job…At 36
Kendu Isaccs Wants $110,000 Per Month In Spousal Support From Mary J. Blige + An Additional $10,000 For His Parents And Kids
RHOA’s Peter Thomas And Matt Jordan Reportedly Fought During Radio Interview
Despite Her Claims, RHOA Star Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Are STILL Married!
Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long Were Reportedly “At War” On The Set of Empire
Omarosa Bails On ‘Daily Show’ Interview With Trevor Noah
White Employees of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club File A lawsuit Against Revolt Claiming They’re Victims of Reverse Racism
Tamar Braxton Parts Ways With Epic Records
Trey Songz Says He Felt Disrespected By Nicki Minaj: “Nicki Ain’t Have Shit Before Bottoms Up.”
Jay Z To Produce Trayvon Martin Feature Film and Documentary Series
Survivors Of Pulse Massacre Sue Shooter’s Wife and Employer
JJ Abrams Producing TV Series Based On RuPaul’s Life
Penelope Cruz To Play Donatella Versace On American Crime Story
Katy Perry Admits She Did More Than Kiss A Girl & Admits She Tried To Pray The Gay Away
YouTube’s Restricted Mode Is Blocking LGBT Content
Mass Effect: Andromeda Includes A Gay Romance, But Gaymers Cry Foul
Employers Discriminate Against Applicants Who “Sound Gay,” Study Finds
Blockbuster Director Roland Emmerich Gets Engaged To Boyfriend Omar De Soto

Da Show Ep. 1494

Ep. 1494

Hot Topic:

Safaree and T.I. Exchange Heated Words
Makonnen Talks Drake Diss & Why He Was Dropped
The Aftermath: Paige & Xavior Sex Tape
Exclusive: Woman Just Blasted Fashion Designer Karl Kani For Drugging And Raping Her. She Was Told Today The Case Won’t Be Going To Trial Because There Was Not Enough Evidence To Prove That She Was Unconscious At The Time – FAMEOLOUS ENTERTAINMENT
Nia Long — ‘Empire’ Hair and Makeup Lodged Complaint, Nia Threatened Suit |
RuPaul to continue world domination with new bio-series / Dragaholic on Queerty
Dopeness #4: Sampson McCormick breaks down Homophobia in Black Comedy | Cypher Avenue
Trans Men Return on ‘Eden’s Garden’ for ANOTHER Jaw Dropping Season


“Miserable” Melania refuses to share a bed with Donald/ Queerty
Ivanka wanted her own White House office. So Trump gave her one. And you’re paying for it. / Queerty

The Radio Dan Show: March 23rd, 2017

Rotten Tomatoes fun and Jiggy Jaguar pops on for a chat.

Politics and a Pastor Manning Breakdown (Sir Darryl Radio March 23rd 2017)

Darryl has some issues at the start of the show but Alan comes by to bother him and the 2 get into a long political discussion.

In the second hour Pastor Manning appears to have some sort of a breakdown and then reveals some interesting information about The Pope!

The Radio Dan Show: Guest Tim Carr

Dan ponders the Catfish detective skills, Fists of Fury, and welcomes actor, writer, and director Tim Carr to the show.

The Radio Dan Show: March 21st, 2017

Audio issues, Bates Motel issues with Darryl, The Terminator, Ghostbusters.

Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 3/20/17

off the hook radio podcast

Will the border wall save Super Bowl MVP jerseys? Silicone Samantha is coming. Sorta. Florida resident loses Cobra. Zip NOT helping in search! Only $3million to wreck a $200 drone. Plus more Off the Hook Fun. The Pod:

Dirt Farmer Radio 3/19/17

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