Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 64

Comedians Keith and Henry on this week’s Comedy Wreck — We’re kicking up the peachiness of impeachment testimony and Democrats 2020 debate and Electoral College, Julia Roberts was talked about to play Harriet Tubman, Colin’s NFL stunt, and other hot topics.

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 63

Im-peach-y Comedy Wreck with Comedians Keith and Henry rocking the mic and talking up the latest hot topics from politics to sports – Impeachment of Trumps bribes to congress and term limits to school shootings, Venice and climate change, to the weird and fun clips that we talk over…join the fun in fun

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 62

Comedians Henry & Keith go all out with the 11/8/19 Comedy Wreck show that includes pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement, Mike Pence would call Trump mentally challenged according to a new anonymous Washington insider book “The warning” — Henry’s dating life, therapy talk and losing a wallet in the era of Trump, Mike Bloomberg is running for President of Alabama, Trumps son goes on the view to say Democrats are crazy and so much more

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 61

Comedy Wreck dips into Politics of the day with Henry and Keith: from Elija Cummings, Trump’s Human Scum name for never Trumpers, who is Tim Ryan, Syria permanent ceasefire, is a Trump impeachment a lynching? Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg Cryptocurrency and truth in news, Prince is still dead, baby spitters on the train and so much more about everything you need in a hot topic from two of the dumbest know-it-alls in a radio show that can go so wrong…

The Comedy Wreck Show S. 3 Ep. 60

Comedians Henry and Keith return for a Comedy Wreck show on police and race relations sensitivity training, Trump and Pelosi and a Biden Impeachment and Syria, Sanford and Son, Whitney Houston, Lebron, and China, a special guess from Henry’s world joins the madness

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 59

Comedians Keith and Henry return for a “Trump-FREE” Comedy Wreck show talking up Columbus Day versus Indigenous People Day. Eat babies to save climate change, Sesame Street introduces an Opioid muppet, Blind teens fly plans in England, Ellen Degeneres buddies up to George W. Bush, Matt Lauer, Henry’s dating life and so much more.

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 58

Comedy Wreck puts the impeach-in-Trump with added conversations on Henry’s dating, Keith fighting, White policewoman kills a black man, the Bronx Zoo Lions and Peacocks chat, and our Gay sex (power bottom versus other sexual positions)…and everything you thought but needed Henry and Keith to complete you

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 57

it’s a magical Comedy Wreck talk with Henry and Keith doing up the Trumps whistleblowing impeachment, climate change, porn watching habits, aging gays, how many showers should you take in a day, the Joker movie gun violence controversy, going to clubs, and everything we brought up in that sucked the fun out of the funny conversation,

The Comedy Wreck Show S. 3 Ep. 56

They’re back in a big way.. The Comedy Wreck Show With Henry & Keith are talking cancel culture, blackface, dead singers, vaping and marijuana vaping, henry’s new headshots, white privilege, super gay Keith’s weird date…and so much more.

The Comedy Wreck Show S. 3 Ep. 55

Hot Topics Covered By The Funny Men Henry & Keith 

Here’s the spanking new Sept 6, 2019 Comedy Wreck show where we hit up all the hot topics, and poop, and therapy and gun control, celibacy and 911 calls, and video game terrorist…and so much more © 2015 Frontier Theme