Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 71

Comedy Wreck returns with an end-of-days round-robin of Americas shut down of everything fun with your comedian hosts Henry & Keith to guide you along their stream of conscious look at the world at large from politics to CoronaVirus to toilet paper fights to deleting homework apps & how to best avoid Corona all from a comedian perspective

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 70

Comedians Henry & Keith do a deep dive into the Corona Virus Comedy-Wreck style from multiple angles and cover all the other hot topics including the burn from Bernie to a case for Joe Biden and Bloomberg and so much more — all from a comedy perspective

The Comedy Wreck Show S. 3 Ep. 69

Comedians Keith & Henry spin the love with their take on Valentine’s Day, Banning Porn on Planes, Trump and his ride-or-die Bill Barr, Bernie burn and Bloomberg love, and Harriet movie love, Jim Carey’s career #metoo death? and so many more of this week’s hot topics from a comedy perspective

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 68

Comedy Wreck’s Henry & Keith stink up the State of the Union address mess, Impeachment mess, Basketball’s Kobe Bryant legacy mess, Rush Limbaugh freedom award mess, what “Hey, Boomer” means to the shut-down social media culture and so many more hot-topics from a Comedy POV

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 67


The week Comedy Wreck digs in deep with comedians Henry & Keith debating on Trumps Impeachment, Hillary Clinton and Bernie and Tulsi and deaf man sue a porn site, Batwoman is gay, Airlines and emotional support animals, and so much more

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 66

Comedians Keith and Henry are lighting up “hot topics” from Martin Luther King’s dream to the Impeachment of Trump. The debate of whether a woman be President after Democrats Warren & Sander feud boils over, to Sports and cheating are good or bad, to Past presidents drama and Suzanne Summers like getting old and old people crying on TV and so much more

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 65 (2020)

Comedians Henry & Keith welcome another new decade of Comedy Wreck and another chance to stink it all up with the not-so-sharp incites on the latest hot topics – from Trumps wag the dog Iran mess, to a fitness guru fat-shaming a singer, and personal stories from the holidays, and exercise and depression, New Years resolutions, Trump blames Obama for everything….and so much more

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 64

Comedians Keith and Henry on this week’s Comedy Wreck — We’re kicking up the peachiness of impeachment testimony and Democrats 2020 debate and Electoral College, Julia Roberts was talked about to play Harriet Tubman, Colin’s NFL stunt, and other hot topics.

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 63

Im-peach-y Comedy Wreck with Comedians Keith and Henry rocking the mic and talking up the latest hot topics from politics to sports – Impeachment of Trumps bribes to congress and term limits to school shootings, Venice and climate change, to the weird and fun clips that we talk over…join the fun in fun

Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 62

Comedians Henry & Keith go all out with the 11/8/19 Comedy Wreck show that includes pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement, Mike Pence would call Trump mentally challenged according to a new anonymous Washington insider book “The warning” — Henry’s dating life, therapy talk and losing a wallet in the era of Trump, Mike Bloomberg is running for President of Alabama, Trumps son goes on the view to say Democrats are crazy and so much more © 2015 Frontier Theme