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This Week On Justdoodirty

Mueller Investigation

GOP Money Grab Tax Plan

Obama’s One Big F🤬ck Up

Kevin Spacey/Steve Ratner

Justice For Jazzy

JustDooDirty S 12 Ep 4

Topic 1

Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake – “Why Janet Shouldn’t Show Up?”

Topic 2

The Predators Continue To Be Taken Down:

The Harvey Affect Continues

The Bill O’Rielly affect

R. Kelly Affect

Mark Hamperin Thrown In The Mix

Topic 3

Trumps Distraction From What The GOP Really Did This Week

Topic 4

DJ Envy Caught Out There Liking Pegging.. Why is he being clowned for it?

Ryan Murphy Makes History With Largest Cast of Transgender Actors for FX’s ‘Pose’

CNN Don Lemon Attacked

Topic 5

When Is Hip Hop Going To Discuss Pedophilia & Sexual Assault?

JustDooDirty Show S 12 Ep. 3

Sgt La David Terrence Johnson dies in Niger

David Johnson was known as the Wheelie Kid in his hometown of Miami

Harvey Weinstein’s Behavior “More Prevalent” Than Biz Acknowledges

Sexual Assault Is More Prevalent In Gay Culture Too

60 Mins Opiods Racket Exposed/How Cannabis Will Save Us

JustDooDirty Show S. 12 Ep. 2

Update On Puerto Rico

Las Vegas Shooting & Gun Control

We Are Unprepared For Fake News

NFL Other Problems Than Anthem Protest

Whats Wrong With Kenyon Martin? Jeremy Lin’s Dreds


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