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Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 9


  • We talk #ImpeachmentHearings… Nancy Pelosi makes it clear.
  • Ambassador Yovanovitch  get attacked by 45 while testifying!!
  • Lil Nas X makes history… AGAIN! #LGBTQTakeover
  • Next #DemDebate 11/20… what you need to know and why it matters!
  • Kim Petras trolls Westboro Baptist Church with a Billboard!
  • We break down why 2020 candidates aren’t getting equal air-time.
  • Celebrating #BlackExcellence with the premiere of Queen And Slim!
  • Was JAY Z involved in the Colin Kapernick… tryouts!? We debate.



Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 8

ASAP Rocky Presents Tyler Creator With WSJ Music Innovator Of The Year

TI Sexist Problem

Kanye Running For President 

 Whitney Sexuality

We talk about the Popeyes Chicken Debacle


ASAP Rocky going back to SWEDEN


Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 7


Obama Scolds Twitter Activist & Cancel Culture 

Kanye And The Religion Con Grows

DeMarco Majors codemns the LGBTQ community for the love of Kanye!!?

Booker On The View Shuts Down Meghan Gun Propaganda


Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 6

Obama Memorialize Elijah Cummings

Facebook Questioned For The Loyalty To Americans

Todrick Hall Cancelled 

Kanye Slavery Problems/Van Lathan Fired From TMZ 

LAFN: Jayden and Mom Talk About Social Anxiety

Rihanna makes History and shows up Drake bday with CB.. AGAIN

Will Smith EPIC movie fail!

Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 15

Dutchess Meghan Talks About Mental Health

Tay Jefferson Update

Shaun King Defends His Work For Black Lives Matter

Impeachment Update: Trump’s Letter

Chuck And Nancy Describe Crazy Meeting

Sampson On Diversity & Comedy 

 LeBron Breaks Silence On China & Tweet

Cakes Da Killa On Rhythm & Flow

The Women Dem Candidates On Impeachment


Host Chat Live S 2 Ep 14


Coming Out Stories{Blavity}

Coming Out Day October 11th 


Prepping For The Next Debate (Best Of LGBT CNN Town Hall)

Sony Cobain – Project Bussy

International Day Of The Girl 

Lil Kim goes off on a  anti-fur protester!? 

Black Hollywood came out  to Tyler Perry’s new studio in ATL!

Mattel creates gender non conforming barbie dolls

Sampson McCormick vs Milan Christopher?? PART TWO!??? Another one*


Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 13

Welcome TO Impeachment Continues

Republicans Response To Trump’s Criminal Behavior

Lil Nas X Takes Break And Receives Criticism

The Obamas

Forgiveness Of A Murderer (Botham Jean)

Stacey Dash ARRESTED! ANd we have the exclusive 911 police-cam footage*

Cardi B Goes Off On Access Hollywood For Using Her Daughter Kulture As Clickbait

J.LO and Shakira booked to headline SUPERBOWL 2020!!! But we got some haters!

Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 12

Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 11

Topic 1: Dem Debates

Topic 2: LGBT Hip Hop

Topic 3: Ed Buck Finally Arrested

Topic 4: Our Favorite Candidates Biggest Moment

Pop News & More

Host Chat Live with EJ and DJ S. 1 Ep. 10

Pop News; Lara Spencer in hot water for Prince George ballet flub?

Cardi x Bernie Sanders… the new talk show in the making??

Jamie Foxx, single!?… Was it ever a real thing??

We still fighting with JayZ over the NFL partnership? What does this mean and what happens next? 

Taylor Swift SLAMS Trump in new statement 

ASAP Rocky not in 45’s good graces after failing to say THANK YOU? Following release.

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