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Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 14





  • TopStories; The host are back for the 2nd to last week of the TRUMP ADMIN and we certainly have a LOT to talk about! This whole show is dedicated to what happened this past week at the Nation’s Capitol Building and how we can NEVER look back




  • #GOPCorruption; While the Nation’s Capitol was vandalized and under siege the President and his sycophants watch and applaud as Congress is being attacked!
  • The host chat about who is needed to be held accountable* what happens next!?
  • Celebrating the Senate wins of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff! #ByeMcConnell
  • Rep Adam Schiff reminded us a year ago about the danger of a reckless President!
  • House Rep Ayanna Pressley (Progressive Party) enters into her 2nd term strong
  • We take a look back at what happened this past week of #TheView! #Nutmeg show
  • Whoopi and Nutmeg have a moment during a live interview..again!
  • Joy tells her real feelings.. NO I DIDN’T MISS YOU!
  • ABC News Martha Radditz explains how many Vets were at the Capitol!
  • Brian (the Producer) comes out in Meghan’s  defense post showdown..??
  • Ana Navarro calls out every Republian enablers of TRUMP Admin* period!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 13



  • TopStories; HELLO 2021!.. #Goodbye2020! The hosts are back to celebrate the first weekend of the new year and it’s ALL about GEORGIA! #GARUnOffs AND How #BlackVotersMatter founder @MSLatoshaBrown has been on the ground since day one, knocking on over 2 Million+ doors across the state! +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption; When will the Republicans just let go of this obstruction/ant-democratic hostile takeover? We’ll only time will tell but we have the latest on the whereabouts of the soon-to-be DOA. once was a vibrant party…
  • PLUS! TRUMP is hiding golfing..or is he? WATCH WHAT THEY DO!
  • We hear from Nurses about the vaccine rollout and one who already received it!
  • The hosts go over what went down this past NYE Celebrations on live television!
  • CNN Brian Stelter explains WHY ..the lasting legacy of TRUMP will be Narcissism!
  • #TheView; Ana Navarro scolds (R) FL Senator Marco Rubio* for filth!! And the hosts chat about it… Should #NutMeg McCain return..? Or Nah? We hate to see it!
  • #BlackVoterMatter; La’Tosha Brown//NY TImes* 2 Million Doors and counting!!
  • GEORGIA is on our mind!; Everything about the Senate Runoffs! #OssoffWarnock
  • (D) Progressive Senator* Ed Markey scolds the  Grim Reaper/Mitchell McConell
  • PLUS!; EJ and Kris exclusive #WNKIKI clip..of Celebrity Make-up Artist The RGuy!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 12



  • TopStories; the hosts are back for the final episode of the year 2020! What’s next for the new Electorate in Congress and how can Progressives push the elites to make REAL change!! PLUS! The latest on the covid pandemic and the vaccination(s) as they roll out through the country but why are there already issues? NEW EPISODES in JAN 2021!!




  • #GOPCorruption; Republicans in Congress stall talks about Stimulus checks.. AGAIN!!! What can be done to solve this? TRUMP is nowhere to be found!
  • Congresswoman Primala Jayapal talks about the fight for Progressives*
  • Rep Ayanna Pressley comes for the Republicans about their lack of empathy!
  • Tom Cruise audio leaks of him scolding his staff on set of new film.. Agree?
  • Rapper + Problematic human being..TI (Clifford Harris)  being misogynistic*
  • Joy Reid breaks down what really happened with the TRUMP Admin and covid
  • EJ is back with part2 of #PoliticoAndBureaucrats #GARunOffs Loeffler/Warnock
  • We get to hear from the man who created @FACESOFCOVID twitter account*
  • Dr. Krishna explains the fight for the vaccine around the world and side deals?
  • The hosts chat about the year that was and what they’re thankful for in 2021!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 11




  • TopStories; the hosts are back for their final 2 episodes of 2020! Chatting about the latest news and headlines and the state of this country* #GOPCorruption continues, # PoorPeopleCampaign #COVID Updates, all-new #PoliticoAndBureaucrats +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption; Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are stalling still on covid relief (for no reason other than just being inept) and Republicans hiding and trying to scapegoat Democrats meanwhile, the current occupant in the WH is still running wild until Jan 20, 2021! As we focus on the #GARunOff on Jan 5th as well.
  • #PoliticoAndBureaucrats; EJ is back with his #GARunOfff edition Ossoff x Perdue
  • ANDREW YANG.. running for Mayor in NYC!? We have the latest update!
  • Trump Admin/ Federal Gov’t put two black inmates to death* back to back #abolish
  • Dr. Benard Ashby of COMMITTEE TO PROTECT MEDICARE – speaks about covid.
  • We listen to the Poor People’s Campaign William Barber on the hunger crisis.
  • #TheView; Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin share their opinions on the Republicans*
  • MSNBC launches two new shows ft Tiffany Cross & Jonathan Capeheart +MORE!
  • DJ shares his love of Lil Nas X and his #ReadingList PLUS! EJ talks about his dad.



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 10

With A Special Celebration of Happy Birthday Eric J Parker 

Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 9



  •  Top Stories; the hosts are back for their final episode before the Thanksgiving holiday break and we have so much to discuss..! TRUMP may never leave office…? But BIDEN-HARRIS is still moving in no matter what! 60 days left until inauguration day!!  DJ chats about being in #TwitterJail AGAIN? PLUS! More #Election2020 results coming in.. #ViralNews #NYCPolitics #COVID updates* 




  • #GOPCorruption; as the current President in the White House continues to deny his guilt and acknowledge his loss to the now President-Elect JOE BIDEN.. Republicans are running scared and defiant of keeping American democracy intact, so what’s next?
  • EJ and DJ chat about the fight for Progressives and AOC clapping back
  • We hear from the nurses/doctors who are on the front-line fighting COVID
  • Rachel Maddow expresses her deepest concerns regarding COVID scare
  • NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to receive Emmy award for COVID press coverage
  • Aussie McDonald Employee goes viral via #tiktok breaking cup(s) myth!?
  • South Australian State Premier ‘fuming’ after #pizzagate conspiracy*
  • Dr Jason Johnson scorns trump supporters.. STILL! While Rush Limbaugh let us hear from an outraged Trumper..who is willing to die for him?
  • PA State Rep Malcom Kenyatta is back..reading the room about COVID
  • OK MAG Exclusive!; screen delay? Or something else?
  • DJ explains his angst against the PBA and their illegal political threats.. What should be done and how we can stop it! PLUS! Misused funds?



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 8



  •  Top Stories; the hosts chat about what’s next after JOE BIDEN’s historic win! PLUS! The GOP continues their Anti-American delusion-confusion campaign..! #AOC #CoriBush #PresidentObama +MORE!




  • GOPCorruption; top Senators are engaging and encouraging the President and his attack against our Democracy* how can we make sure this NEVER happens again! EJ explains his disdain for the Congress and tries to make sense of it all.
  • Former Australian Prime Minister calls out the Murdoch family and USA
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges top elite Democrats after word came out about them dismissing the #BLM and Progressive movement(s).
  • Newly elected Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri defeats top Democrat incumbent whose family has over 50yrs of political dynasties!
  • Crazed fan jumps onto JAY Z plane in Chicago Airport!!…arrested w/ felony
  • President Obama scolds Donald TRUMP and GOP for supporting this fake election fraud scandal in order to stall JOE BIDEN’s presidential transition
  • Say hello to the new MISS USA Aysa Branch from Mississippi #BlackGirlMagic
  • KPOP comes to the rescue in the USA.. trolling #MAGARally hashtag*
  • CNN Don Lemon.. celebrating the win of BIDEN/HARRIS and we love it!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 6



  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #Less than 2 weeks away tp #ElectionDay2020 and over 45+ Million Americans already #EarlyVoting…ARE WE READY FOR #BIDENHARRIS!? #TrumpCrimeFamily* grifting continues.. And Barack Obama makes a return to the campaign, EJ debuts new segment #PoliticosAndBeauracrats +MORE!!




  • GOPCorruption; With days left until we vote.. The republicans are running scared!! Quiet much!? We have the latest headlines from that party..
  • EJ debuts segment #PoliticosAndBeauracrats.. Are Republicans scared?
  • Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail… slamming TRUMP!!!
  • Beyonce called out again..? Nigerian are upset! Just a post!? #ENDSARS
  • Pete Buttigieg..on FOX NEWS and goes HAM!! TRUMP China CHECKS?
  • We hear from #FamaliesForBiden and why we all protest!! #VOTE
  • Attorney Midwin Charles comments on ICE CUBE and the appeal of voters
  • Amber Rose talks about how Kanye is just like the man in the White House!
  • Drew Comments; explains to us about the BIDEN-HARRIS black agenda!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 5




  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #Less than 3 weeks away tp #ElectionDay2020 and over 20+ Million Americans already #EarlyVoting..can we make this happen!? Diddy introduces us to the #OurBlackParty.. We hear the latest about the latest campaigns against Dr. Anthony Fauci #StandWithFauci #MegTheeStallion* +MORE!!




  • GOPCorruption; How long do the American people have to wait for the GOP to act? PLUS! We hear the latest #RepublicanVotersAgainstTrump
  • Olivia Troye former WH Aide..defends Fauci +pledges vote for #BidenHarris
  • Nancy Pelosi is making the case clear to the American people! #Stimulus
  • What is happening!; Ice Cube + Kanye and now DIDDY!? Let’s talk!!
  • Meg Thee Stallion pens op-ed to NY Times.. #ProtectBlackWomen
  • @WWE HOF Mick Foley aka Mankind/CactusJack pleads to TRUMP!!?
  • #lgbttvrecap; We takes a listen to what happened at #SCOTUSHearing
  • Latest on #TheView; Nutmeg’s Mother Cindy McCain endorses Biden!
  • 12 year old Caleb Anderson is a Sophomore in College?? #MENSA
  • DJ shares what’s happening in NYC Politics?? Mayoral race in 2021!!
  • #BBMAs; Billboard Awards recap..+EJ proclaims his love of Brandy



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 4



  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #VPDebate, #TrumphasCOVID follow-up, #MelaniaTapes pt2, FBI arrest some PROUD BOYS… #Election2020 UPDATES +MORE!




  • GOPCorruption; Republicans gone wild…! Senator Mike Lee claims democracy is dead* then the #COVIDInChief…! Host first press conference since testing positive then leaving the hospital in less than a WEEK!??
  • Celebrity Ken Jeong calls out WWE Superstar John Cene\a… one on one??
  • #MelaniaTapes pt2; FLOTUS has leaked tapes… she really DOESNT CARE!
  • #lgbttvrecap; EJ+DJ chats VP debate KAMALA X PENCE. I’M SPEAKING?
  • Say hello to Malcom Kenyatta; the LGBT Rep (D) always.. ‘INSISTENT’
  • CA House Rep (D) Katie Porter lays the smackdown on BIG PHARMA!
  • 13 White Supremacists arrested by FBI for conspiracy to kidnap MI Gov?
  • EJ discuss why the #PresidentialDebates Commission* needs to change!!
  • DJ talks about why we must stand and support Nigeria with #EndSarsNow © 2015 Frontier Theme