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Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/21/18

American Idol is Going Going Gone with Maddie Poppe the winner. We make fun and share the best parts of the finale of ABC’s Season 1, or in Star Wars numbering 16. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/20/18

The Finale. Top 3: Maddie, Gabbie, and Caleb performed for the title. We know who will win. So check the pod and you can be the kewl kid:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/13/18

The Finalists are announced after a solid performance show. Gabby, Maddie, and Caleb move on to the BIG SHOW next week. Congrats to Michael J and Cade for a fun season. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/6/18

The Top 7 shrunk to 5. Gabby, Caleb, Maddie, and Michael made tuning in fun. For all the rest- Here is the Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/29/18

The Top 10 took on Disney Classics and 3 were eliminated based on real time voting. The top 7: Gabby, Caleb, Cade, Catie, Maddie, Michael, and Jurnee are back next week. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/23/18

The American Idol Top 10 show was a great format and a lot of fun. We lost Mara but America’s 6 picks: Gabby, Cade, Maddie, Caleb, Catie, and Micheal deserved it. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/22/18

Idol Top 14 sang for your votes. It’s a Gabby Barrett world and we are just livin’ in it. Michael, Catie, Jurnee and Maddie impressed too. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/16/18

Top 14 is finalized on Celeb Duet Nite 2. DJ Slim and Zip pick their Top 5 and winners. Mara Justine, Ada Vox, and Jurnee raised the roof 2nite. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/15/18

The rest of the Top24 Solo night. Not as strong as last week but Maddie, Alyssa, Mara, and Jurnee show it should be a big year for the ladies.. maybe.

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/9/18

Top 12 Group 1 Duets and Eliminations. It’s a Gabby Barrett world people. Sugarland, Pat Monahan, and Andy Grammer were among the stars that shared the stage. Here is the Pod: © 2015 Frontier Theme