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Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/24/19

Hollywood Week begins. Lacy, Alejandro slay. Laine makes a bid and Jade Flores gets totally hosed! We have it all on The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/18/19

Final auditions and Dimitrius Graham won! But ABC didnt show him. We do. An Idol Radio exclusive on The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/17/19

Idol Auditions continue. 3 Top Contenders were shown tonight. Zip and DJ Slim have new favs…. but not the same one. We may have a winner here though. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/10/19

Mucho talent on 2nite’s American Idol Audition show. Slim picked Laine, Zip picked Wade, and the shoutbox picked MVD (Madison Van Denburg’s new tag name). The Pod is fun!:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/6/19

Idol Radio on a Wednesday? Well at least we got some push ups, Shayla Wayne, and Alajandro. He was awesome and easily the night’s winner.

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/3/19

American Idol Auditions, Day 1 of the new season. Outstanding? Well at least one was. Check the pod to see who and why!

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/21/18

American Idol is Going Going Gone with Maddie Poppe the winner. We make fun and share the best parts of the finale of ABC’s Season 1, or in Star Wars numbering 16. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/20/18

The Finale. Top 3: Maddie, Gabbie, and Caleb performed for the title. We know who will win. So check the pod and you can be the kewl kid:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/13/18

The Finalists are announced after a solid performance show. Gabby, Maddie, and Caleb move on to the BIG SHOW next week. Congrats to Michael J and Cade for a fun season. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/6/18

The Top 7 shrunk to 5. Gabby, Caleb, Maddie, and Michael made tuning in fun. For all the rest- Here is the Pod: © 2015 Frontier Theme