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Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/1/18

Idol Radio recaps LA Week Solos. 50 of 76 made it to tomorrow’s Showcase. We let ya know who to keep an eye on. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/19/18

Audition Day 4- Amelia Eisenhauer, Season 15 finalist joined us to comment. Brandon, Victoria, Amelia, Victoria, Dominique, and Marcio made huge impressions. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/18/18

Audition Night 3- Backstories aplenty, but when we got to the music Effie, Caleb, Shannon, Amelia, the Sposado Twins, and Mattie made it fun. Simon chimed in on a few. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/12/18

Idol Radio recaps Audition Night 2. Serious talent again. Mara, Michelle, Thaddeus, and Laine impressed. Check the Pod and hear why.

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/11/18

dol Radios Back and its better than ever and the show had a pretty good start. We rehash the highs (Maddie, Caty, Dennis, Zach, and Noah) and the lows (Koby and Sodor). Idol Drinking game key words needed! The POD:

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Wednesday 4/6/16)


Idol Radio Show reviewed the #IdolFinale with special guest Joey Cook. La Porsha or Trent? Or Brian Dunkleman? See what we think and catch the preview of Joey’s new video “Bones” coming out tomorrow on the Fam! channel on YouTube. Its AWESOME!! Here is the Pod:

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/31/16)

IRS podcast 2

Idol Radio Show recaps the final 3 show. Hint: If your iTunes song is your first one- You are gone. That would be MacKenzie. Trent, LaPorsha, and Dalton struggled through the producer’s questionable song picks but recovered and made the judges’s pick segment memorable. It included our 2nd “10” score of the year. Hear it here- The Pod:

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/24/16)

IRS podcast 2

Idol Radio Show thinks we have a winner! The year of the girls… isnt. We break down the Top 4, say good-bye to Sonika, and see Kat still has it. Sia and Steven Van Zant made it a fun show but only one Idol stood out. Enjoy the Pod:

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/17/16)

IRS podcast 2

one of the best per Zip and just ho-hum per DJ Slim. We can only ask that you listen to the pod and see how right Zip is… Maybe? There were some real moments tonight.. At least on our show!! The Pod:

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/10/16)

IRS podcast 2

Idol Radio Show had the #IdolTop6 results and scoops. DJ Slim and Zip nearly agreed on Bottom 2. Nearly. And we had a sing off between La’Porsha/Trent and Daniel/Lovey James. How? We have mad skillz! The Pod: © 2015 Frontier Theme