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Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/16/18

Top 14 is finalized on Celeb Duet Nite 2. DJ Slim and Zip pick their Top 5 and winners. Mara Justine, Ada Vox, and Jurnee raised the roof 2nite. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/15/18

The rest of the Top24 Solo night. Not as strong as last week but Maddie, Alyssa, Mara, and Jurnee show it should be a big year for the ladies.. maybe.

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/9/18

Top 12 Group 1 Duets and Eliminations. It’s a Gabby Barrett world people. Sugarland, Pat Monahan, and Andy Grammer were among the stars that shared the stage. Here is the Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/8/18

Top 24 Group 1 nite. Gabby and Cade starred. Michael Woodard showed up and Jonny redeemed himself Big-time! Enjoy the Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/2/18

Idol Showcase produced the Top 24. DJ Slim and Zip lament a few and celebrate most. Talent level is off the hook this season! The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/1/18

Idol Radio recaps LA Week Solos. 50 of 76 made it to tomorrow’s Showcase. We let ya know who to keep an eye on. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/19/18

Audition Day 4- Amelia Eisenhauer, Season 15 finalist joined us to comment. Brandon, Victoria, Amelia, Victoria, Dominique, and Marcio made huge impressions. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/18/18

Audition Night 3- Backstories aplenty, but when we got to the music Effie, Caleb, Shannon, Amelia, the Sposado Twins, and Mattie made it fun. Simon chimed in on a few. The Pod:

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/12/18

Idol Radio recaps Audition Night 2. Serious talent again. Mara, Michelle, Thaddeus, and Laine impressed. Check the Pod and hear why.

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/11/18

dol Radios Back and its better than ever and the show had a pretty good start. We rehash the highs (Maddie, Caty, Dennis, Zach, and Noah) and the lows (Koby and Sodor). Idol Drinking game key words needed! The POD: © 2015 Frontier Theme