Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 1/27/20

Zip not dead yet, just older. Benny Hill slip and fall dude is now our hero. Health news you can use… sorta (NSW). The Pod:

DTA Podcast S. 2 Ep. 10

The Weekly Top 40 Week #04

Top 40

40) Kodak Ken – Bad Now (8 Wks, Last #39, Pk #21)


39) Symphonic – Saucin When I’m Wakin (Debut)


38) Fly Young Red – Cash App Me Daddy (Debut)


37) Nexx Anonymous – With You (Debut)


36) Lady Leshurr – CARMEN (3 Wks, Last #32, Pk #32)


35) Jay Triiiple ft DNA – 1245 (Debut)


34) Knoxxy – Wanna (3 Wks, Last #20, Pk #20)


33) Phylle – Freak Like Me (4 Wks, Last #28, Pk #28)


32) Ddm – Pull Up (7 Wks, Last #21, Pk #04)

Album: Beautiful Gowns 

31) Zebra Katz – Lousy (6 Wks, Last #31, Pk #22)

Album: MOOR 

Top 30

30) Big Freedia ft Icona Pop – Louder (9 Wks, Last #16, Pk #03)


29) Nevi Brandan – Can’t Stop Loving You (13 Wks, Last #23, Pk #01)

Album: Shood

28) L I A – HSKT (2 Wks, Last #30, Pk #28)


27) Sasha Renee ft Wopsworld – OTW (2 Wks, Last #26, Pk #26)

Album: F L A V A 

26) Fly Boi Keno Ft Sissy Nobby – Where Ya Babydaddy (2 Wks, Last #38, Pk #26)


25) Nicholaz Little Ft Bunkey Williams – From The Back (2 Wks, Last #36, Pk #25) 


24) Jupiter Gray ft Vee – Can’t Afford Me (4 Wks, Last #29 Pk #24)


23) Estavan The God ft Vockah Redu – Buss It Open (Debut)

Album: Texas Ranger

22) Zebra Katz – In In In (8 Wks, Last #15, Pk #10)

Album: MOOR

21) AzMarie – Lituation  (4 Wks, Last #17, Pk #17)


Top 20

20) Tyler The Creator – Best Interest (4 Wks, Last #12, Pk #04)


19) 2 Am Ricky – The Well (2 Wks, Last #19, Pk #19)

Album: Carolina Boy

18) Eminem ft Young MA  – Unaccommodating (Debut)

Album: Music To Be Murdered By

17) Kodie Shane ft Trippie Redd – No Rap Kap (Debut)


16) Saucy Santana – You Cant Kill Me (3 Wks, Last #24, Pk #16)

Album: Imma Celebrity

15) Kidd Kenn – U 2 Funny (2 Wks, Last #25, Pk #15)


14) Blimes – Under My Skin (3 Wks, Last #19, Pk #14)


13) Raven – Microdosing (3 Wks, Last #09, Pk #09)

EP: 33000

12) PJ – Honest (7 Wks, Last #10, Pk #10)


11) Ziggy – Facetime (4 Wks, Last #11, Pk #11)

Album: Airplane Mode

Top 10

10) FD Bordeaux – Summer Rain (9 Wks, Last #07, Pk #03)

EP: Black Americana Manifesto

09) Courtney Bennett – Automatic Love (4 Wks, Last #13, Pk #09)


08) Brandon Green – A Beautiful Life (4 Wks, Last #18, Pk #08)

Album: Animal Kingdom

07) Nevi Brandan – Boom (5 Wks, Last #08, Pk #07)

Album: Shood

06) Siya ft BIlls – Poise (6 Wks, Last #05, Pk #03)


05) Bre Z – Breakfast In Bed (4 Wks, Last #06, Pk #05)


04) Young MA – My Hitta (4 Wks, Last #04, Pk #04)


03) Mother Nature – Eyez Low (7 Wks, Last #03, Pk #01)

Album: Saturn Return

02) Mykki Blanco – Lucky Live In London (5 Wks, Last #02, Pk #02)


01) Dai Burger ft Cakes Da Killa – Flame Emoji (7 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)

Album: Bite The Burger

Kris Avalon Show S 5 Ep 18



Eminem – Unaccommodating (feat. Young M.A)


Ex-Grammy Boss Neil Portnow Accused of Raping Female Artist in Blockbuster Complaint From Ousted CEO
Oprah Says She Cannot Be Silenced By Russell Simmons, Defends Exit From #MeToo Documentary
NeNe Leakes Blasts Wendy Williams For Publicly Saying She Quit RHOA
Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Finalize Their Divorce
Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Divorce From Kevin Hunter: It Was 25 Years I Don’t Regret
Exclusive: Lena Waithe’s Marriage Ended Because She Cheated on Her Wife
Nick Cannon Responds To Orlando’s Dick-Sucking Allegations: “I Don’t Really Know Him Personally
Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Aren’t Really Feeling Each Other, Super Bowl Halftime Show Time Constraints Are Making Matters Worse
Madonna Issues Apology To European Fans After Canceling EVEN MORE Madame X Shows
Paris Hilton Was Playing a Character All Along, Hopes New Documentary Will Show “Who I Truly Am”
Lifetime Readies Surviving Jeffrey Epstein Series
Red Table Talk: Facebook Renews Jada Pinkett Smith Show / Readies Gloria Estefan Spinoff
Timbaland Reveals 130lb Weight Loss, Overcoming Painkillers
Pink, 40, Cannot Get Behind Plastic Surgery


Angelica Ross Is a Face of Louis Vuitton’s Latest Collection
Pose Co-Creator Steven Canals Inks Overall Deal With 20th Century Fox TV
Dragula’s Boulet Brothers Exclusively Discuss All Stars Series
Meet The Queens From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12
RuPaul To Host Saturday Night Live for The First Time
Here’s Who Won The Oscars of Gay Porn for 2020
Perez Hilton Can’t Find a Date, Claims ‘The Overwhelming Majority of Gay Men Don’t Like Me’
Julianne Hough’s Husband Taking Journey To Explore Their Sexuality
Pro Fighter Jason Ellis Says He’s Married To A Woman But “Lucky Enough To Have Sex With Men As Well”
Report: Half of LGBTQ Americans Are Attracted to More Than One Gender

Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 19



  •  Top Stories;#LGBTQTakeOver; We cover Lil Nas X… will he win the grammy this Sunday? PLUS! Lena Waithe.. Divorced!, Terry Crews disses Gabriell Union/#AGT drama continues*.. And #TulsiCoward in the news? Lawsuit pending?
  • #GOPCorruption; Repubs ok with TREASON? #machiavellianism PLUS! GAO defines the WH as breaking the LAW!?? We’ll explain!
  • HIllary Clinton Sued by Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard!?
  • Lena Waithe and wife files for divorce… so soon? We discuss!
  • Lil Nas X makes history w/ Doritos.. But can he do it again on Sunday #grammys


  •  Influencer News; More and MORE influencers are facing anxiety/depression due to struggling pressure of making content

AOTB Live Week #04

First Hour

Medino Green – All I Know


GodIsMikey – Billy Badass


Monsteration – A O


Saucy Santana – Trap Girl

Album: Imma Celebrity

Kalontae Anderson – Roller Coaster


Symphonic – Pay Up (Lay Up Remix) (10 Wks, Last #35, Pk #01)


Zellswag – Omg (9 Wks, Last #22, Pk #02)

Album: As Seen On TV

Martel Star – Sammy Walker Starmix

Mixtape: Emerald City: The Starmixes Vol. 1

Black Fairy ft Mama Headbussa – J O D


DersTheKnight – Bttm Boys


Kaycee J & Tokyo BLAZE – HOE SHYT


Liefa Boi – Truffleman (5 Wks, Last #34, Pk #27)

Mixtape: Imposters Not Allowed

Blu Bone – Black Babies (I’m So Proud Of You)


Unspokenviews – The Struggle (8 Wks, Last #18, Pk #16)


Victor Hugo – This Is Not Your Dream


Young Tribe – My Time


Dibo – Da Come Up (10 Wks, Last #33, Pk #09)


Rico Nasty – IDGAF


The Real Rixo Ft Mexiocee – D A D D Y


Red Martinez ft Xarrabamba – ROJITO


Second Hour

Nexx Anonymous – Feelings


Zeke Forever – Blind


Hayley Kiyoko – She

Album: I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit

MarcWayne – 6 Jobs

EP:  Over The Summer

Mahji – Rather Be Alone


PASH – Fabulous


Kodie Shane – 2 Many (11 Wks, Last #27, Pk #01)


Majilla – Step In


Emmavie – Heat x Yummy Remix


Christopher Vincent – Best Of Me (Cover)


K2 Cocky – Damaged Goodz

Album: Spice Cadet 4:20

Ra Blanco – Doin’ Too Much


Monsteration – WHOA (4 Wks, Last #38,  Pk #27)

EP: Whoa!

Detroit Tee – No Issue Remix


Lulu & Parie – Boof


Martel Star – ThotBox Remix

Mixtape: Emerald City: Starmixes Vol 1 Sex

Barbii & Juzaddy – Run Ya Pockets

Album: The Hellhouse Of Barbii & Juzaddy

LUISIFER Ft. Pisupo – Edge of Seventeen

EP: Chicano

Gemini The Twins – Best On Earth(Remix)


Comedy Wreck Show S 3 Ep 67


The week Comedy Wreck digs in deep with comedians Henry & Keith debating on Trumps Impeachment, Hillary Clinton and Bernie and Tulsi and deaf man sue a porn site, Batwoman is gay, Airlines and emotional support animals, and so much more

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Off The Hook Radio Podcast For 1/20/20

Biggest farce ever starts it’s end tomorrow. Prince Harry turns in his man card. Being an Ohio NFL fan qualifies for medical weed? Diego the Turtle is our hero. The Pod:

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