DTA Podcast S. 2 Ep. 3

The Weekly Top 40 Week #45

Top 40

40) Zilo – Wild Thing (7 Wks, Laat #40, Pk #24)

Album: Gorgeous

39) Lyrikal Miracle – Swerve (Debut)

Album: 7 Stages III

38)  Amet Ricky – Dripping (7 Wks, Last #38, Pk #17)

Album: Boi Y

37) Angel Haze – Black Butterfly (Debut)


36) Brockhampton – Boy Bye (11 Wks, Last #36, Pk #05)

Album: Ginger

35) Jennifair – Self Made (11 Wks, Last #35, Pk #01)


34) Erica B – Kiss & Tell (7 Wks, Last #27, Pk #25)

Album: Match My Energy

33) ROB.B, Solomon Ray & FlyKingi – Lose Ya Mind (6 Wks, Last #26, Pk #10)


32) Dryx – Infinite (5 Wks, Last #32, Pk #30)

EP: Purification

31) Lil Nas X ft Da Baby – Panini Remix (7 Wks, Last #19, Pk #04)


Top 30

30) Anita Will – Big Sauce (3 Wks, Last #30, Pk #30)


29) Roy Kinsey – Royal (3 Wks, Last #29, Pk #29)


28) Steve Lacy – Lay Me Down (12 Wks, Last #21, Pk #07)

Album: Apollo XXI

27) BSlade – The Hype (11 Wks, Last #22, Pk #03)


26)  Jb Gotit – Doing The Most (7 Wks, Last #20, Pk #20)


25) Pilot Jones – All Eyes On Me (5 Wks, Last #24, Pk #12)


24) Mykal Kilgore – Let Me Go (7 Wks, Last #15, Pk #15)

Album: A Man Born Black

23) Cousin – Easy (7 Wks, Last #23, Pk #12)

Album: Vol 1

22) Cinque – Suga (2 Wk, Last #31, Pk #22)

EP: Cinque Vibe

21) Nevi Brandan – Can’t Stop Loving You (2 Wks, Last #33, Pk #21)


This Week Last Year Recap

Flashback BonusTrack

01) Kodie Shane ft Lil Yachty – Bust Down (5 Wks,  Pk #01)

Album: Stay Tuned 

Top 20

20)  Siya – Two Way (2 Wks, Last #12, Pk #12)


19) Hoodcelebrityy – Inside (3 Wks, Last #25, Pk #19)

Album: You Know The Vibes

18) Juanyeigh ft DougTheeSavage – Good Off You (4 Wks, Last #18, Pk #18)


17) Oliver Twixt ft Lyric Rachae – Sugar  (5 Wks, Last #11, Pk #11)


16) PineappleCiti – Recognize (2 Wks, Last #34, Pk #16)


15) Frank Ocean – DHL (3 Wks, Last #17, Pk #15)


14) Young MA – Petty Wap 2 (11 Wks, Last #14, Pk #01)

Album: HerStory In The Making

13) Punk Adams – Gucci Flame (10 Wks, Last #13, Pk #01)


12) Siya & Knoxxy – Help Me Help You (Debut)


11) Bugz Gutta – Purge (6 Wks, Last #09, Pk #06)

Album: The Pynk Gorilla Effect

Top 10

10) Steve Lacy – Playground (3 Wks, Last #16, Pk #10)

Album: Apollo XXI

09) Tyler The Creator – I Dont Love You Anymore (8 Wks, Last #04, Pk #04)

Album: IGOR

08) Blimes And Gab – Feelin It (7 Wks, Last #05, Pk #01)


07) Qveen Herby – Cheap Talk (6 Wks, Last #08, Pk #07)

EP: 7

06) Cakes Da Killa & Ripparachie (Astrolith) – You Could Neva (3 Wks, Last #10, Pk #05)


05) Young MA – No Mercy (intro) (5 Wks, Last #07, Pk #05)

Album: Herstory In The Making

04) Jay Triiiple Ft A Meazy – Energy (4 Wks, Last #09, Pk #04)

Album: Change Over Dollars

03) PJ – My Best Life (7 Wks, Last #03, Pk #03)


02) Sony Cobain – Project Bussy (5  Wks, Last #02, Pk #02)


01) Keiynan Lonsdale – Rainbow Dragon (9 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)


The Kris Avalon Show S. 5 Ep. 8


Pabllo Vittat feat. Charli XCX – Flash Pose


Jason Mitchell Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations on The Breakfast Club
Whitney Houston’s Best Friend Robyn Crawford Details Their Romantic Relationship In New Memoir
Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham Apologize For Mishandling T.I.’s Disturbing Daughter/Gynecology Comments, Removes Podcast Episode
Kanye West Continues The Gift With His $55 Sunday Service Brunch
Sean Spicer’s Dancing Sucks and DWTS Judges Are Showing Their Irritation that MAGA Voters Are Keeping Him In The Competition
Karamo Brown Now Says He Was Never Friends With Sean Spicer, Despite Repeatedly Calling Him a Friend
The First Male Couple on Demnark’s Dancing With The Stars Is Stirring Up Controversy…& Winning
Jonathan Van Ness Asked Cardi B to Apologize For Her AIDS Comments
Nicki Minaj Sparks Controversy After Praising “What White People Post” In Response To Black Media Coverage
Messy AF: J-Boog of B2K Allegedly Hooked Up W/ Omarion’s mom
Ray J In Talks With Trump Administration To Get Suge Knight Pardoned
Judge Rules Stevie J to Keep Full Custody of Bonnie Bella Going Into 2020
El Chapo’s Wife In Talks To Join VH1’s Cartel Wives
Angie Martinez Reveals She Sustained a Fractured Lumbar and Shattered Vertebrae in Severe Car Accident
Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About Being 20 Years Sober, Going Public With Her Addiction
Courtney B. Vance Named President of SAG-AFTRA Foundation
Charlize Theron Hopes Gender-Neutral Categories Are Coming To Award Shows Soon
Yep, It’s True: TV Is Gayer Than Ever
Beloved Gay YouTuber Tai Couture Dies By Suicide
Sense8 Star Brian J. Smith Comes Out As Gay


Pabllo VIttar Becomes First Drag Queen To Win MTV Music Award
Argentina’s President Elect Is Proud of His Drag Queen Son
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Renewed For A Second Season
Shangela, Bob The Drag Queen and Eureka O’ Hara Bringing Drag To HBO
Shangela Cast As Ruthless Drag Queen In Riverdale Spin-Off
Drag Race Alums Slapped With $5 Million Slander Lawsuit

Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 8

ASAP Rocky Presents Tyler Creator With WSJ Music Innovator Of The Year

TI Sexist Problem

Kanye Running For President 

 Whitney Sexuality

We talk about the Popeyes Chicken Debacle


ASAP Rocky going back to SWEDEN


AOTB Live Week #45

First Hour

YelloBoy – No No No


Erica B – Tell Me


Lyrical Miracle – Fuck Me Like

Album: 7 Stages III

Butterfly Feels ft Nor – Smooth Killer

EP:  27 Prelude: Butterfly Waves

Chay CEO – What The Deal

EP: Therapy Session

Kya Angelou ft BF Tani – No Stylist

Album: Myriad

Josh Immanuel – Bloody Waters

Album: Cleanse

Earthtone – Hattie Mae (Top 10 Smash Hit)

Album: Gourmet

Medino Green – Hot Boyz (12 Wks, Last #31, Pk #01)

Mixtape: The Carry

Lil Bit ft CFOVision – Love Sick (Top 20 Smash Hit)


D’Andra – Bend Ova


HoodCelebrityy – Bum Pon It (Top 20 Smash Hit)

Album: You Know The Vibez

PJ – Run For Your Money


Detriot Tee – BOP Freestyle


Poiison ft Seqo Billy – Klientele


King Kei – Father Figure


Bobby Lytes ft Kamillion – Block Hot (5 Wks, Last #28, Pk #12)


Bugz Gutta – What Cha Gon Do (Top 20 Track)

Album: The Pynk Gorilla Effect

Fly Young Red – Resurrection (Top 10 Smash Hit)


Second Hour

Jermaine LoveSongz – Shoulda (10 Wks, Last #33, Pk #19)


Cousin – Drew Song (11 Wks, Last #33, Pk #08)

Album: Vol 1

Mykal Kilgore – Pass Me That Vaporize

Album: A Man Born Black

Mason – Another Number One

Album: Self-Intervention

The Reasn – Take A Shot


Leo Kalyan – Time Can Wait (Top 20 Smash Hit)


Martel Star – Sammy Walker Starmix

Mixtape: Emerald City

Chay CEO – Take You Down

EP: Therapy Session

Saucy Sanatana – Material Girl


Tuhvon Dneal – Doin Too Much Remix


T Micheal – 808

Mixtape: Coming Soon

Monsteration – Ride or Die  Freestyle


Bryce Quartz – Cancelled


Mister Banks – Level Up


K2 Cocky – American History

Album: Spice Cadet 3

Averi Blunt – Resume


John John – Dripdemeanor Remix


PA$H – Fabulous


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