“The Sad Black Guy” is a show hosted by Gordon. This show deals with self-harm, self-hate from the host, and other things in life that effect him.

Season Final, Leave It On A Sad Note (S.2, Ep.54, #097)

For this episode, I talk about my public speaking skills before podcasting. Next, I talk about mother’s who always answer for they kid, and then get mad when they child can’t speak for themselves. Then, I talk about this heavy set man i came across, who ordered three meals. Lastly, I talk about me being sexual at a young age.


Complex Age Vol 1 review (S.2 Ep.53, #096)

On this episode, I give a review on a manga called Complex Age volume one.

Gay Podcasters Have Issues, No Shade (S.2 Ep.52, #095)

1.) Shading father’s day. 2.) Shading Jessica Jones and other super hero shows. 3.) Shading new gay podcasts’ I came across, on Pride month. 4.) Rock band Queen, and a dream I had about AIDS. 5.) Porn star Kash Denero’s baby momma wont allow him to see his child because hes gay.

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The Sad Black Guy (S.2 Ep.51, #094)

God? I Have Something To Say (S.2, Ep.50, #093)

For this episode, I was inspired by the Podcast Mental Illness happy Hour. The topic is “If you could talk to god, what would you say”. Find out my answer in this episode.

Family Drama (S.2, Ep.49, #092)

Prerecording my show from the gym at my rental office, at night, I talk about things that has went on in my life. My mother is against me hanging out with my cousin, an anxiety update, and porn talk.


Contact me: twitter.com/PodcastSad and  [email protected]

STD/HIV Test and Anxiety Update (S.2 Ep. 48, #091)

Last week, my anxiety returned. I share my update, on week two and how i’m handling it. Also, I went and got tested this week.

Contact me: twitter.com/PodcastSad and  [email protected]

My Anxiety Has Returned (S.2 Ep. 47, #090)

My anxiety had returned on April 29, 2019. I talk about my struggles, self-harming and breaking down in a public restroom.

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What’s The Point (S.2, Ep.46, #089)

01. Journal Entry from 2007

02. Feeling like a guest/Cinderella in my own home.

03. Getting my first iphone.

04. Ended the show early, so i played some music.

Rent going up has depressed me (S.2, Ep 45, #088)

I did a series of voice recordings of me, expressing how i felt about my financial situation.

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