“The Sad Black Guy” is a show hosted by Gordon. This show deals with self-harm, self-hate from the host, and other things in life that effect him.

Update On My Life Part 2 (S.3, Ep.12, #109)

I discuss my life these last two months

Throwing things away that belong to a loved one, who has passed away.

Self Love

Update On Myself part one (S.3, Ep.11, #108)

I have been away for a minute. On this episode, I give an update on my life the last couple of months, and the steps I’ve taken during my journey to Self Love.



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Still Self-L.O.V.E (S.3, Ep.10, #107)

After my show started a few minutes late,

I give an update on how I’ve been the last 2 months.



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A Day At The Races by Queen Review (S.3, Ep.9, #106)

Continuing with my album reviews from Queen, I give my thoughts on they fifth album “A Day at the Races”

A Night at the Opera Review (S.3, Ep.8, #105)

I start off the show by talking about a few things that is on my mind, as far as my personal life goes. Then, I give my thoughts on Queen’s fourth album, A Night at the Opera

Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack album review (S.3, Ep.7, #104)

I give my thoughts on Queens third album Sheer Heart Attack.

Queen 2 album review (S.3, Ep.6, #103)

I give my thoughts on Queens second album.

Queen’s album “Queen” review (S.3, Ep.5, #102)

On this episode, I give my review on Queen’s first album, titled “Queen”. I go track by track, giving my thoughts on each song.

Random Thoughts (S.3, Ep.4, #101)


The journey to self-love continues for me. There were some bumps in the road that left me in tears. Listen to this episode to find out what happened and how I dealt with it.


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Nekocon & Self-love (S.3, Ep.3, #100)

For my 100th episode of The Sad Black Guy, I talk about this cosplay convention called Nekocon. Also, I talk about my mental state during my three days.

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