“The Sad Black Guy” is a show hosted by Gordon. This show deals with self-harm, self-hate from the host, and other things in life that effect him.

The Millennium Tour & Kigacon (S.2, Ep.43, #086)


01.) Journal entry from June 4, 2007. (0:03:00)

02.) Kigacon 2019 review. (0:06:51)

03.) The Millennium Tour (0:30:58)

Music Break:

B2K “Uh-huh”

B2K “Girlfriend”

Lloyd “Hey Young Girl”

Lloyd “Southside”



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Welcome To The N.H.K review (S.2, Ep.42, #085)



01.) Journal Entry from back in 2007. I took pills, after my mother said something that I found unnecessary. 02.) How did my day went. Also, feeling bad, after I finally speak up for myself.  03.) Welcome to the N.H.K review. Its been a long time since I did a review, but i made it through it. 04.) The R. Kelly interview.

My Aunt Was In A Horrible Car Accident (S.2 Ep. 41, #084)


Show topics: 1.) Reading a poem I wrote back in 2007, which is about self-hate and self-harm. 2.) My dislike for some of the employees at my job. 3.) My Aunt Was In A Horrible Car Accident 4.) I end the show with an audio recording of me talking about my new years night.

Why Bother Defending Myself (S.2 Ep.40, #083)

PLEASE START AT TIME 02:25 technical difficulties.

On this episode, I start off the show by reading a poem that I wrote, back in 2007. It was about my cat being in a cage. That leads into a topic that i wasn’t planning on talking about. The topic was about all of the cats my sister brought, and how she always keep it locked in a cage or the bathroom. After the break, I talk about how my day went at work, and me going off on some of my coworkers.

1 Year Anniversary Episode (S.2, Ep.39, #082)

Forced Out the Closet (S.2, Ep.38, #081)

  1. Journal reading. I talk about coming out to a classmate, who is a lesbian. Also, how I was outed by a relative.
  2. My thoughts on attractive people. I think they are stuck up.
  3. Getting hit in my head, is a trigger for me. I share the times I got hit in my face/ back of my head, by people.
  4. Travis Scott at the Super bowl & and how to properly boycott the NFL.
  5. News

Music: Queen “Another One Bites The Dust”, “”Play The Game” and “Dragon Attack”

You Look Like A Pedophile (S.2 Ep.37 #080)


On this episode, I start off the show by sharing this nasty thing people say about me. After the music break, I a hour long clip of me talking about random things that upset me. My job, money, erection problems, and me being a bully. So enjoy the saddest podcast in the world. It’s this show…

I Can’t Keep It Up (S.2 Ep.36 #079)

In this episode, I talk about what I got for Xmas, as well as my problems with keeping an erection.


I Like The Crotch On You (S.2 Ep.35, #078)

First ten minutes audio difficulties. sorry

On this episode, I give my thoughts on the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R.Kelly”.

“Take Your Ass To Bed” (S.2 Ep.34, #077)

For this episode, I talk about hooking back up with the guy that left me for his ex. Also, I go into a rant after a bad day at work.

Music Break: Queen “Back Chat”

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