“The Sad Black Guy” is a show hosted by Gordon. This show deals with self-harm, self-hate from the host, and other things in life that effect him.

I Like The Crotch On You (S.2 Ep.35, #078)

First ten minutes audio difficulties. sorry

On this episode, I give my thoughts on the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R.Kelly”.

“Take Your Ass To Bed” (S.2 Ep.34, #077)

For this episode, I talk about hooking back up with the guy that left me for his ex. Also, I go into a rant after a bad day at work.

Music Break: Queen “Back Chat”

“My Audio Journals” (S.2 Ep. 33, #076)


For this episode, I share a couple of voice recordings I did. As I am out and about, I would turn on my recorder and talk about things that are on my mind. Morning recordings are coming soon.

” Intrusive Thoughts and RIP Tumblr” (S.2 Ep. 32, #075)

On this episode, I talk about a foursome that I was in. When the condom ripped while someone gave me oral, I have been mentally freaking out. / Later in the show, I quickly talk about Tumblr banning porn. I end the segment by doing a RIP segment to the website./ Last, I read a journal entry, from back in January 2007. The father that I never got to know, died.

Music Break: Queen “Radio Gaga”/ Vince Staples “Opps”

“Bohemian Rhapsody” (S.2 Ep.31, #074)



For this episode of The Sad Black Guy, I spend a hour talking about the rock group Queen. After watching the movie, I became a new fan of Queen.


Radio Gaga

Fat Bottomed Girls

Play the game

Dragon Attack

Another One Bites the Dust

Somebody To Love

Bohemian Rhapsody

“Stan Lee, You’re Dead to Me” (S2. Ep. 30, #073)

On this episode, I start off the show with a Journal reading, from back in 2006. Then I talk about the death of Stan Lee, and what I liked about him and his Marvel characters. Then I get into my personal life, and talk about why Ive been feeling depressed that last couple of days.

He was 19, I was 28 (S.2-Ep.29, #072)

At the age of 28, I fell for a guy that I worked with. Everything went well until…….

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I Was Threatened at My Job (S.2 Ep.28)

#071 On this episode of the sad black guy, I spend thirty minutes talking about the problems I had at my job. I was threatened by an employee. The I play more audio from me talking about me catching an STD.

I Caught A STD pt.1 (S.2 Ep.27)

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Recording My Anxiety Part 5 (S.2 Ep.26)

In the “Recording my anxiety” series, I take my phone, and voice record my thoughts and emotions as they are happening. There will be background noise.

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