The Russians Sabotaged My Sir Darryl Tribute (S.2 Ep.7)

For the first 15 minutes of the show, the Russians caused technical difficulties.

Once that is over, I start off the show with sharing with the audience a poem I had written back in 2005. The poem was about me as a teenager, wishing I could relate to other heterosexual guys at my school.

Next, I struggle to come up with nice things to say about the Sir Darryl Radio Experience, so I end going back and forth between talking about his show and talking about myself.

All of the musical breaks are in dedication to the end of The Sir Darryl Radio Experience.

Negative Energy Drove Me to Attempt Suicide (S.2 Ep.6)

INTRO: Journal Entry from March 12, 2006

TOPIC ONE: Once again at work, I was called a faggot. Did I handle the situation like a adult or like a child?

TOPIC TWO: I am a person who feed off of negative energy. While at work, I realized that negative energy, or a situation that had nothing to do with me, drove me to attempt suicide.

MUSIC BREAK: Brockhampton “Sister/ Nation”

TOPIC THREE: Jurors sentence a gay man to death because ‘he would enjoy life in a male prison’



I cut myself after leaving Busch Gardens (S.2 Ep.5)

On this episode of The Sad Black Guy, I share with the audience the first time I cut myself. Also, I share a couple of news articles.

For the musical break, I played Kendrick Lamar “All the stars” and Alicia Keys “Karma”

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“You don’t know my…thought process” (S.2. Ep.4)

In this episode, I had a list of news that I wanted to get into, but I ended up spending the whole show talking about my negative thinking, as well as talking about me experiencing homophobia as a ninth grader and a adult. For the musical break I played Alicia Key’s “You don’t know my name”

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On top of the….Liberty (S.2 Ep. 3)

INTRO: Journal Entry from November 25, 2005

TOPIC ONE:  Random Thought

TOPIC TWO: Protester on top of the statute of liberty.

MUSIC BREAK: Brandy “On top of the world”

TOPIC THREE: News…”Her son was on life support. But her boss argued ‘there is no reason you can’t work'”.

MUSIC BREAK: Khalid “Love Lies”

END: Thank you for listening.

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You’re Dead to Me, Joe Jackson (S.2. Ep.2)

INTRO: Journal Entry from November 23, 2005

TOPIC ONE: Joe Jackson dead.

MUSIC BREAK: Vince Staples & Yugen Blakrok -“Opps”

TOPIC TWO: Did I have a mental breakdown?

MUSIC BREAK: Brockhampton -“Sister”

TOPIC THREE: Obsession with online couples

END: Thank You

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Pose for the Immigrants (S.2 Ep.1)

On this episode I start off with a journal entry from when I was 15 years old. Also, I give my thoughts on Mexican children being separated from their parents. Then, I give a spoiler review on the first episode of Pose.


The Test Episode (S.2 Ep.0)

In this episode, which I will now call the test episode, I introduced myself to the listeners of ADR. I talked about what can be expected from this show and why I decided to do a podcast. THEN, things turned for the worse. © 2015 Frontier Theme