How Stupid Can We Be?? (Sir Darryl Radio March 29th 2018)

Hey You Stupid A**Hole (Sir Darryl Radio March 22 2018)

Emotional Tribute To Stephen Hawking (Sir Darryl Radio 3/20/18)

DARRYL IS A SUCCESS (Sir Darryl Radio March 15th 2018)




Transgender Dogs (Sir Darryl Radio March 14, 2018)

The Book of Darryl

Day 2 of Darryl’s comeback and we learn about this new faith called Darrylism!

Sir Darryl Radio Returns

Sir Darryl Radio March 12th 2018

Charlottesville Reaction & North Korea (Sir Darryl Radio Aug 17th 2017)


Darryl reacts to the chaos in Charlottesville and wonders what ever happened to North Korea?

Darryl’s Dog & Pilotless Airplanes

Darryl spends the first hour talking about the loss of his dog last year and how that interfered with the bonding of a new one.  Also Darryl talks about plane travel without a pilot!

Stephen Hawking & Darryl Needs Legal Help

Sir Darryl goes on a rant about social media and how its turning us all into robots.  Also today Darryl needs help and calls Legal Zoom for answers.  Scientist Stephen Hawking makes his first appearance on the show and Alan has news stories! © 2015 Frontier Theme