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Politics and a Pastor Manning Breakdown (Sir Darryl Radio March 23rd 2017)

Darryl has some issues at the start of the show but Alan comes by to bother him and the 2 get into a long political discussion.

In the second hour Pastor Manning appears to have some sort of a breakdown and then reveals some interesting information about The Pope!

Grab Em By The (blank) Sir Darryl Radio March 16th 2017

Darryl starts out today’s show giving president Trump a list of commands to be more presidential but says he does not mind if Trump wants to grab people by the (MCS fills in this spot).  Also today Darryl helps a friend who had a date and was likely blown off.  Richard Simmons becomes part of the conversation and then it is revealed that Pastor Manning gets authority from God to give context to scripture and that he was offered 440 MILLION DOLLARS recently from his church!

Proper Way To Snort Cocaine (Sir Darryl Radio March 9th 2016)

Darryl starts out the show admitting that he has an increased fascination with trying edible marijuana then dives head first into the Ben Carson controversy.  Also Darryl reports on an Ouija Board being used in the classroom and calls Hasbro to determine if they are swept of spirits before they are shipped out.  In the second hour Pastor Manning gives more information on why nobody is allowed in the pulpit after taking a dump and reveals that Kellyanne Conway is a new kind of SLUT!  And finally today Pastor Manning gives us tips on the proper way to snort cocaine!


Sir Darryl Radio March 2nd 2017



Darryl and MCS discuss where beastiality is or is not legal and what animals are affected most.  Also Darryl declares that The Cat In The Hat is a sick book that needs to be removed from all book shelves!  Later Alan’s assholic qualities are discussed and Pastor Manning declares that he owes GOD.. NOTHING!!!!!

Sir Darryl Radio Feb 23rd 2017



On today’s show Darryl tries to help the economy by giving his own Fiscal Plan to end waste in the health care system at the expense of the elderly!  Also today Darryl announces the new All Digital Radio App, New Planets that have been discovered and later Pastor Manning reveals that Trump is having sex with Omarosa !

We Will Never Forgive Linda King



Darryl does today’s show from his DEATHBED as he accuses Linda King of getting him sick.  So sick that is unable to sing Happy Birthday to MCS… Because of this he enters into a last minute negotiation with MCS to make it up to him by offering to enter into a questionably legal arrangement! Later Pastor Manning decides to make hats that say “Trump Will Make Yo Couchie Great Again” and the final death pool picks are made!

Dedicated To Derrick Gordon



Darryl starts the show with his old Theme Song as ordered by Listener Derrick Gordon and dedicates the show to him!  This leads into a talk about how women make better assassins than men!  Antubert calls in today to talk about coming back on air to do a regular show.  Later Darryl talks about Peta Protesting GM and calls Chevrolet to arrange a counter action against Peta.  Lastly Darryl, Alan and MCS make more Celebrity Death Pool Picks.

Radio Dan Goes To Old Navy, RIP Mary Tyler Moore & Darryl’s Coffee


Darryl starts the show announcing that he is back on Coffee and blames his Mini Me for his RE ADDICTION.. he then goes on to educate the public that those who have vagina’s will manipulate any circumstance.  Later Darryl gives a breath taking eulogy to the late Mary Tyler Moore after trying to get Radio Dan a job at Old Navy.  Later Alan and MCS pick more people for their celebrity death pool

Transgender Rights and Who Dies Next?


On Today’s Sir Darryl Radio Darryl takes up for the Transgender community by demanding that urinals be placed in all female restrooms so that women who have penises can use them!   Also today Darryl gives a stern warning that Facebook Live will ruin our society.  Later in the show Darryl, Alan and MCS start creating a celebrity death pool to see who each of them thinks will die in 201

Sir Darryl’s Return


Sir Darryl returns to the mic in 2017 in a new studio to discuss HIS GREATNESS.. The World, His New Studio.. the death of his dog and more!  Tune in and just listen why dont you? © 2015 Frontier Theme