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Talk n Tea with Tammy & Nathan

1) California Shooting vs Planned Parent Hood./Chi-Raq Lequan McDonalds (gun control)
2) Kylie Jenner Offends People In wheelchair
3) Charlie Sheen what his HIV status really means(World Aids Day)
4) The Wiz Live controversy “Where are the token white people?”
5) Adele sells 4 million in just two weeks


Interview with Micheil Thomas director of “Game Face”


Talk N Tea 11/28/15

ISIS Terrorists Throw Gays Off Roof In Fallujah, Iraq

Obama Speaks On Video Showing Police Shooting Of Chicago Teen; Praises ‘Peaceful’ Protests
Trump Insists He Saw Muslims “Celebrating” 9/11 In NJ, Despite Police Denials, Ridicules Disabled NY Times Reporter
Patti Labelle Has Viral Video Maker James Wright Over For Thanksgiving Following Public Outcry
Jamal Not Gay No More On ‘Empire’?  Kisses Alicia Keys On Latest Episode
Christmas Season Begins
Kirk Shannon-Butts, filmmaker, 4:30
Lee Truesdale, vocalist, actor, director 4:50
Jason Duval Hunter, actor, playwright, model 5:05

Talk n Tea with Tammy & Nathan


HOT TOPICS: Paris terror attacks:

Mormons protesting, resigning over new church doctrine making gays “apostates”:
3 GOP Presidential candidates speak at “Kill The Gays” rally:
ABC says “No Gay Dancing” on DWTS:
Dallas responds To Houston Trans-rights defeat, enacts its own trans protections:
GUESTS: Entrepreneur, master percussionist, STORIES: The Play producer Ralph Rolle

Talk n Tea with Tammy & Nathan

Run of today’s show: Yusaf Mack admits he’s gay, Milan Christopher and Miles Brock break up, get into public fistfight; Trump on Saturday Night Live, GOP Candidate Ben Carson’s tall tales, Houston voters defeat LGBT rights proposal. Guests: DJ Baker, Jyasia Kylee

Talk n Tea with Tammy & Nathan 10/31/15

Don Lemon, Raven Symone Defend White Cop Fired For Hurling Black High-School Student Across Classroom, Petitions Call For THEIR Firing
Halle Berry Divorces Third Husband
Sam Sarpong Commits Suicide
Khloe Kardashian Faux Reconciliation?  Leaves Lamar’s bedside To Return To James Harden
Hacker Group Anonymous Reveals Secret KKK Membership List
NFL’s Kordell Stewart Sues ‘Pray Away The Gay’ Viral Video Star Andrew Caldwell, Says Caldwell Defames him With Gay Accusations
Gay Porn Site Sues Boxer Yusaf Mack Over Claims He Was Drugged Into Making Video
GUEST: J. Marshall Evans (as Khalil Kane) CEO of ThaXXXList, Dawg Pound Web Affiliate, on Yusaf Mack scandal, says Mack made more than one gay porn film, and knew full well what he was doing.

Talk-n-Tea with Tammy and Nathan

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