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Charlottesville Reaction & North Korea (Sir Darryl Radio Aug 17th 2017)


Darryl reacts to the chaos in Charlottesville and wonders what ever happened to North Korea?

Darryl’s Dog & Pilotless Airplanes

Darryl spends the first hour talking about the loss of his dog last year and how that interfered with the bonding of a new one.  Also Darryl talks about plane travel without a pilot!

Stephen Hawking & Darryl Needs Legal Help

Sir Darryl goes on a rant about social media and how its turning us all into robots.  Also today Darryl needs help and calls Legal Zoom for answers.  Scientist Stephen Hawking makes his first appearance on the show and Alan has news stories!

THE JUICE IS FREE!!! (Sir Darryl Radio July 20th 2017)

Darry’s New Strip Club (Sir Darryl Radio June 15th 2017)

Darryl decides to start a strip club of obese women and men!  Also Pastor Manning is happy that The N Word is back in play!

Pastor Manning At War With Sodomites (Sir Darryl Radio June 1st 2017)

Darryl gets locked out of his studio moments before the start of the show.  Darryl talks about a man getting his doctorate by doing a rap album and finally THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS PASTOR MANNING UPDATE EVER!!!!!

Darryl’s Plan To Build The Wall (Sir Darryl Radio May 17th 2017)

Darryl spends almost the first hour defending his statement that men should be allowed to have a final evening with their wife if they die but also explained that women should have that same right and it might even be more urgent!  Also Darryl gives a warning to Americans who think they will be happy over a possible Trump impeachment.  Later Paster Manning unleashes new attacks on Paula White while Darryl calls the church to check on the pastor’s safety and finally Darryl lays out a BRILLIANT plan to build the Mexican border wall at almost NO COST to the taxpayers!

Darryl Goes To Dunkin Donuts (Sir Darryl Radio May 16th 2017)

On Today’s show Darryl gives his theory that our country will be overtaken by North Korea and ponders life under North Korean Rule.  Also Darryl tries to find out if Crack Cocaine is vegan and make a call to peta to figure it all out.  After this Darryl feels the need to drink coffee and makes a drive to Dunkin Donuts on air while arguing with Alan about having sex with dead people.   Later Pastor Manning gives new ways to give money to the church and a political discussion is had!

Darryl and Caitlyn (Sir Darryl Radio May 15th 2017)

Darryl comes back for his first of four shows this week!  Today he talks about getting old, his experience with Caitlyn Jenner and how to tell a racist slave owner.  Also Pastor Manning allows you to BUY YOUR WAY INTO HEAVEN!

Darryl Goes To North Korea? (Sir Darryl Radio April 27th 2017)

On Today’s show Darryl discusses how he is going to see Caitlyn Jenner this week, How he might get involved with the North Korean nuclear crisis, Pastor Manning’s restoring of his church and Free speech! © 2015 Frontier Theme