Host Chat Live with EJ and DJ S. 1 Ep. 9

Jay Z & The NFL Deal Controversy

Nicki Minaj Introduces Female Toxic Femininity 

Hong Kong Celebrates America While Protesting China

Eric Garner Case Continues While NYPD Officers Are Dying

Everyone up in arms over JAY Z partnership w/ NFL! -sources*

Meghan McCain/#NutMeg is at it again… throwing shade at Mindy Khaling? Sara Haines?

Who is returning for #TheView next season? -cheatsheet


The Kris Avalon Show S. 4 Ep. 19


Pabllo Vittar and Charli XCX – Flash Pose
Ben Franks – Mimosas Marys


Wendy Williams Hot Girl Summer Fizzling With Rescheduled Tour Dates
Wendy Williams Finally Acknowledges Kevin Hunter’s New Family
Jennifer Lopez Accused of Ignoring The Suffering of Palestinians By Performing in Tel Aviv
Destiny’s Child Reportedly Planning a 2020 World Tour and New Music
Tyrese Gibson Slams The Rock, Says Hobbs and Shaw Wasn’t A Win
R. Kelly Charges With Two More Sex Crimes in Minnesota
Equinox SoulCycle Owner To Host Trump Fundraiser In Hamptons
Armie Hammer Suggests People Boycott Marvel Over Trump Support
Monica Lewinsky To Produce ‘American Crime Story’ Season Based on Clinton Impeachment
Aaliyah’s Legacy To Be Honored with Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds
Lee Daniels, “Star” Showrunner Returning to Fox With New Soap
Fox CEO Charlie Collier Confirms There Are No Plans To Bring Jussie Smollett Back To Empire
Chicago Mom Charged With Felony After Allegedly Stealing Taraji P. Henson’s Identity
Lady Gaga Faces Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Shallow
Queen Latifah Is Going To Be In The Little Mermaid
Chris Rock Slammed As Racist After ‘Bet He White” Joke About Mass Shooters
Tiffany Pollard Crowned Queen of Reality TV, Kenya Moore, Tami Roman & Fans Debate Top 10 List on Social Media
Internet Star Andrew Caldwell Arrested In St. Louis, Held Without Bail


One of TV’s Biggest Drag Competitions Is Finally Getting A Drag King
Finally, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Has Announced A Premiere Date
Pose Has An Increasingly Obvious Colorism Problem
Adam Lambert Felt Pressured To Educate Early In His Career
Marvel’s First Gay Superhero to Be Played By This Familiar and Very Handsome Actor
Victoria’s Secret Exec Retires as Company Welcomes First Trans Model
Gavin Grimm Just Won His Case For Trans Bathroom Rights

Host Chat Live with EJ and DJ S. 1 Ep. 8

The Shootings/White Supremacy 

Pose FX PrayTell & Ricky Relationship Creates Waves

TransLives Are Still Dropping Like Flies As Little Is Being Done To Fix It

Kenny Stills Calls Out His Owner Over Trump Support 

Pop News; Megan Thee Stallion wants fans to stop pitting Femcees against each other

Cardi B’s ketchup rule freaks our #BardiGang and the internet! PLUS! More news*

Obama settle sin NETFLIX role as producer? -hollywoodreporter

Chance The Rapper feels as if some fans want him dead/depressed… and he ain’t going anywhere!


Music By 

Skype Williams ft Cakes Da Killa- Not Ya Nigga


DTA Podcast S. 1 Ep. 20

Host Chat Live S. 1 Ep 5

Politics from #BigotInChief To The Generation Gap 

Tyler The Creator To Critics Of His First Number One Album

Eric Garner Gets No Justice & Family Reacts 

Puerto Rico Calls For Gov To Resign

EMMY nominations are in… who from the #LGBTQ community got nods? And snubbed?

#FreeA$APRocky; the state of where we are and why is NOT going to stop!

#HappyBirthdayWendy; Wendy Williams celebrates life @ 55yrs old!!

JD VS DIddy!! Who are we going to watch? Making The Band or Female Cypher?

#FaceApp privacy concerns and why we need to self-governance and delete app!

The Kris Avalon Show S. 4 Ep. 15


Chika – High Rises
Slayyyter – Mine


Wendy Williams Reveals She’s Not on the Market Anymore – But Isn’t Dating 27-Year Old
Wendy Williams Reportedly Blindsided Her Staff With Doctor Dating Announcement, They Believe It’s An Attempt To Save Her Job and Image
Wendy Williams Ex Kevin Hunter Caught Selling Jewelry at The Pawn Shop
Meghan McCain Getting Sick of Negative Attention on The View: ‘Every Day Feels Like She’s Going To War”
Blogger Tasha K Accuses Cardi B of Assault, Gets FBI Involved
Cardi B Voices Support For Female Rappers In Response to Jermaine Dupri’s ‘s “Strippers Rapping” Comments
Nicki Minaj Pops All The Way Off After Being Accused of Not Supporting Rappers: ‘I’m The Fkng Goat’
Nicki Minaj Wants To Be Recognized For Influence On Hip Hop
Nicki Minaj Cancels Saudi Arabia Concert To Support LGBTI RIghts
Lil Kim Blasts Media For Disrespecting Her Legacy
Mariah Carey Says “I’ve Only Been With Five People In My Life”
Master P Tells Tyler Perry To ‘Get Out Your Feelings & Says ‘I’m Not Putting On No Dress To Make No Money’ + Believes Black Panther Didn’t Benefit Black Community
Jaden Smith Launches a Pop-Up Food Truck, I Love You Restaurant, For The Homeless In Los Angeles
Jay Z Announces Partnership With Cannabis Company Caliva
Diddy Asks if He Should Bring Making The Band Back
Salt-N-Pepa Responds To Spinderella’s Lawsuit, Says They Never Cheated Her Out of Money
Immature Will Kick off Tour In October, Group Will Appear on Love & Hip Hop
How To Get Away With Murder to End After Upcoming Sixth Season
R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges
Toni Braxton Testifies As Victim In $2.5 Million Jewelry Theft
Janet Jackson To Tell All In New 10-Part Netflix Series


Ooh La La! French Version of Queer As Folk Promises “True Diversity”
PEG Partners With Warner Music To Take Drag’s Biggest Music Stars To The Next Level
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Announces More Celebrity Guest Judges
Get Ready For Drag Race Canada
Angelica Ross Makes History as New American Horror Story Castmember
Your Attraction To Me…Is Not a Reason To Kill Me: Laverne Cox Speaks Out About The Murders of Black Trans Women
Pride Flag Burned a Second Time Outside Harlem Bar
85% Percent of LGBT+ Americans Scared of Holding Hands In Public
Scruff Acquires Jack’d Following User Pic Scandal
These Queer Celebs Are Set To Host A Big Pete Buttigieg Fundraiser
Rosie O’ Donnell to Joe Biden: “Sit This One Out”
Not One of The Straight Pride Parade’s “Sponsors” Wants To Be Associated With The Event

The Weekly Top 40 Week #27

Top 40

40) G Blanco ft Billy G – Tarzan (Debut)

Album: Ah Family Matters

39) Aki ft Kidd Kenn – Poppin (3 Wks, Last #35, Pk #35)

Album: No Remorse: Da Sequel 

38) Mani Marino ft Lonnie Moore – These Days (9  Wks, Last #27, Pk #07)

EP: Overkill

37) Fuzz Rico Ft. Ye Ali ~ Mamacita (6 Wks, Last #34, Pk #23)


36) Shorty Roc ft Earthtone & Damien Crawford – Running (4 Wks, Last #30, Pk #30)

Album: All Stars

35) Siya – Believe Me (8 Wks, Last #22, Pk #12)

EP:  4B4

34) Choker – Lucky (4 Wks, Last #34, Pk #34)

EP: Forever & A Few

33) Cazwell – I Love You (2 Wks, Last #37, Pk #33)


32) Gizzle ft Sam Fisher – It’s Not Over (Debut)


31) Chika – High Rises (Debut)


Top 30

30) Siya ft G.O. & Feby – Flaw  (8 Wks, Last #12, Pk #02)

EP: 4B4 

29) Humble Trice – In Love (2 Wks, Last #31, Pk #29)

Album: Addressing The Future

28) Kotic Couture – Purple Hearts (3 Wks, Last #25, Pk #25)

Album: Diary Of A Dreamer

27) Guch – Trying (8  Wks, Last #14, Pk #08)


26) Knoxxy – Nip-Chuck (6 Wks, Last #23, Pk #17)

Album: D.D.G.K

25) Bugz Gutta – What Cha Gon Do (6 Wks, Last #24, Pk #24)



24) Cinque – Games Of Hearts  (2 Wks, Last #38, Pk #24)


23) Najee – End Of The Night (5 Wks, Last #28, Pk #23)


22) Rob Milton – Stay (4 Wks, Last #14, Pk #14)

Album: Stay

21) Damien Crawford – Infrastructure (8 Wks, Last #21, Pk #14)

Album: Therapy

This Week Last Year Recap

Flashback BonusTrack

01) Jermaine LoveSongz ft 24k Astall – Finish Line (6 Wks, Last #02, Pk #01))


Top 20

20) Laith Ashley – Like Me (4 Wks, Last #20, Pk #20)


19) Todrick Hall – I Like Boys (5 Wks, Last #19, Pk #19)

Album: Haus Party

18) Lily Rayne – Girls Night Out (4 Wks, Last #18, Pk #18)

Album: Femme

17) Fly Young Red – Batty Man Work It (8 Wks, Last #15, Pk #01)


16) Young KSB ft Bobby Lytes – S O M A Remix (4 Wks, Last #16, Pk #16)


15) Bobby Lytes – My Nigga (7 Wks, Last #10, Pk #05)


14) J Harvard – D F M N (3 Wks, Last #31, Pk #14)

EP: Veritas 

13) PineappleCITI – Blue (19 Wks, Last #13, Pk #01)

Album: neonBlue

12) Tyler The Creator – A Boy Is A Gun (7 Wks, Last #09, Pk 01)

Album: IGOR 

11) Knoxxy – Love Who (6 Wks, Last #11, Pk #08)

Album: D.D.G.K.

Top 10

10) Rinny ft MarcWayne – Weight (6 Wks, Last #02, Pk #02)


09) Young MA – Big (Debut)


08) Todrick Hall – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels (6 Wks, Last #01, Pk #01)

Album: Haus Party

07) Jermaine Riley- Send Nudes (6 Wks, Last #06, Pk #05)

EP: Mistakes

06) Kodie Shane – End Like That (2 Wk, Last #07, Pk #06)

Album: Young Hearttrob

05) Aaron Thomas ft RoiShafiq – Twerk Song (3 Wks, Last #08, Pk #05)

Album: Mind Games

04) Loco Ninja ft Sheila Carlito – Baby (5 Wks, Last #05, Pk #04)

Album: Highlight

03) Brynt ft Esquire  – The Other Side (Negus Like Us) (8 Wks, Last #04, Pk #03)


02) Lady Leshurr – Your Mr (4 Wks, Last #03, Pk #02)



01) Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road

EP: 7

The Kris Avalon Show S. 4 Ep. 14

Todrick Hall – I Like Boys
The View Producers Brand Meghan McCain “Manic McCain” After Another Blow Up
Meghan McCain, Feeling Like an Exhausted, Defeated…Caged Animal,’ May Leave The View
Wendy Williams Estranged Ex Kevin Hunter Reportedly Panicking About Finances Following Latest Move
Halle Bailey To Star As Ariel In Disney’s Live Action Little Mermaid Remake
Justin Bieber Choreographer Claims He Degrades Women As Taylor Swift Feud Intensifies
Madonna’s Madame X Suffers Biggest Fall From #1 In History Among Female Acts
Hedwig and The Angry Inch Star Calls Madonna “Soulless,” “Desperate,” and a “Loser”
Cardi B’s Quest To Trademark “Okurr” Denied
Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Never Wanted To Marry Will Smith
Chris Brown Responds To Critics of His “Only Fuck Black Girls With Nice Hair” Lyrics
Erica Mena Alleges Bow Wow Physically Abused Her, Ciara & Kiyomi Leslie
Taye Diggs Says Empire Should Bring Jussie Smollett Back
Jussie Smollett Wants City of Chicago’s Lawsuit Moved To Federal Court
Sherri Shepherd’s Ex, Lamar Sally Claps Back After She Blasted Him on The Radio
Two Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars Are Being Sued By a Chauffeur Over an Alleged Violent Assault
Lee Daniels Confirms Star Will Return…As A 2-Hour Movie
Brandy Confirms She Will Portray Herself In Forthcoming Biopic
Lil Nas X Understands Why People Are Reacting Badly To His Coming Out
Wacka Flocka Says He’s Being Defamed After Backlash For Threatening To Shoot Gay Men
Pose Director Janet Mock Is Dating Lil Papi Actor Angel Bismark Curiel
Billy Porter On Corporations Benefiting From Pride
Nivea Skincare Dropped By Ad Agency After Allegedly Saying “We Don’t Do Gay”
What Happens To All The Rainbow-Colored Merchandise After Pride Ends?
Tom Holland Says Spider Man Should Be Gay Because “The World Isn’t As Simple As A Straight White Guy”
Grace Jones Abruptly Quits Bond 25 After Arriving On Set
A Documentary About Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential Campaign Is On It’s Way
Lights, Camera, Action! Six Queer Musical Bio Pics We’re Dying To See Made
Why The World Needs RuPaul’s Talk Show, Even After Pride Month

Host Chat Live with EJ n DJ S. 1 Ep 3

Urban Pop News; Celebs show major support for Lil Nas X after he comes OUT!!

Ray J shakes-up the Cannabis industry with a $5M investment!! -thesource

JAY Z RocNation sues ICONIX for massive fraud* -thesource

Lil Nas X considered NEVER coming OUT in new interview! -uproxx

PLUS! Former G-Unit Young Buck responds to 50 Cent’s homophobic jab!!

Pharrell Williams guarantees internships to 114 Harlem HS Grads!!-billboard

Haille Bailey NOT Halle Berry cast as new Ariel in Little Mermaid LIVE remake and sparks a culture war? –

Who is the Richest #POSE star? And Janet Mock dating Papi/Angel Curiel??  

Brandy finally releases NEW music!!! #LoveAgain 

Meghan McCain #NutMeg says she may return #TheView if things change but reps claim that Sunny Hostin is the source of LEAKS!!! -pagesix EXCLUSIVE!

Joaquin Castro calls Laura Ingraham a WHITE SUPREMACIST! -politico

#DumpStarbuck? Over 2 cops being thrown out but no for 2 blk guys? AND WHY IT MATTERS!

Toddrick Hall admits about Scooter Braun being homophobic! -metro


The Kris Avalon Show S. 4 Ep 13

Madonna – God Control
Winners List: 2019 BET Awards
Wendy Williams’ Son Pleads Not Guilty to Assaulting His Dad Kevin Hunter
Intruder Arrested After “Changing The Locks” at Halle Berry’s LA Home
Janet Jackson Breaks Her Silence Amid “Leaving Neverland” Allegations, Says Michael’s Legacy ” Will Continue”
Madonna God Control Music Vid Pulse Survivor Calls It Traumatic To Watch
Britney Spears Dad Lashes Out Against Online Haters…Sues For Defamation
Azealia Banks: “I Will Never Release A Body of Work Again, You Don’t Deserve It”
Nene Leakes Confirms Her Season ” Is Going To Start a Little Differently + She Is Not Getting Her Own Spinoff
Bethenny Frankel Suggests Sunny Hostin Abuses Drugs and Alcohol/Sunny Responds
Everyone (Even Barbara Walters) Told Sherri Shepherd Her Ex Was Sorry, But She Married Him Because She Was Lonely and Horny
Rosie O’ Donnell Shades Meghan McCain As Mean & Says Her Time On The View Was Thorny
Jussie Smollett Texted Nigerian Brother to Offer a Happy Ending Erotic Massage at His Home
Lady Bunny Banned From Twitter for Calling Bianca Del Rio a “Lezzer”
Lance Bass Confirms NSYNC Will Sit Down This Summer to Figure Out Possible Reunion
Following Legal Battle With Kylie Jenner, Kylie Minogue Launches KYLIE Makeup Line
Brandy Announces New Single “Love Again” With David Caesar
Viola Davis to Play Queer Blues Legend Ma Rainey For The Big Screen
Telenovela Makes Mexican TV History With Gay Teen Couple
Ryan Murphy and Netflix Have a Huge Queer Announcement
Pose Gives Black and Brown Queer People The Credit They Deserve
Black Trans Women Want The Media to Show Them Living, Not Just Dying
Laverne Cox and Boyfriend Kyle Draper Split After 2 Years of Dating
T.R. Knight Thinks More Gay Actors Should Be Getting Gay Roles
This TV Star Just Came Out in a Beautiful Essay: “Happy Pride”
Willow Smith Comes Out As Bisexual
Adult Performer Banned From Streaming Site After Fans Suspect Live On-Camera Overdose
Drag Queen Sings “Undetectable” at an AIDS Vigil and Melts the Internet
Don’t Let The Rainbow Logo Fol You: These 9 Corporations Donated Millions
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