Transgender Rights and Who Dies Next?


On Today’s Sir Darryl Radio Darryl takes up for the Transgender community by demanding that urinals be placed in all female restrooms so that women who have penises can use them!   Also today Darryl gives a stern warning that Facebook Live will ruin our society.  Later in the show Darryl, Alan and MCS start creating a celebrity death pool to see who each of them thinks will die in 201

Sir Darryl’s Return


Sir Darryl returns to the mic in 2017 in a new studio to discuss HIS GREATNESS.. The World, His New Studio.. the death of his dog and more!  Tune in and just listen why dont you?



Climbing Trump Tower and Burning Down The White House


Darryl starts off talking about the man who tried to climb trump tower and Darryl laid out how the scenario would go if he were in Charge.  Also Darryl talked about a woman who tried to rush Hillary Clinton’s stage and how Hillary handled it.  Later Darryl and Alan discuss the real scenario that Michelle Obama might try to burn down the white house before she leaves and whether or not Pastor Manning can get you a shortcut into heaven!

Bad Parents, Netflix Passwords and Donald Trump

netflixDarryl starts out today’s show explaining that he injured himself the day before but quickly told the audience that they are all bad parents and he is the only one that knows how to parent!  Darryl then revealed that its a federal crime to share your Netflix password so he call’s Netflix to investigate!  Also today Darryl explores what to do with dead bodies, gives Alan a quiz to see how annoying he is, Plays a Pastor Manning update and talks about Trump with Alan!


We Need White People On This Planet


Darryl gives a very heartfelt appeal to the population on our planet to make sure that white people continue to feel appreciated as we cannot survive on this planet without them if they decide to take off to another planet!  Also today Darryl calls Chick Fi La to complement them on advertising,  ponders about dealing with dead bodies and talks Manning and Politics with Alan!

Blacks Vs Police, and Obama Writes Manning A Letter


Darryl and MCS make plans to take over Haiti.  Darryl gives his spin on the differences between how blacks and whites view the police and their interactions with them.  Later The Trump campaign is discussed and a letter arrives to Pastor Manning that is supposedly written by Obama!

Sir Darryl Teaches Your Children How To Be Adults


Darryl spends the first part of his show today teaching his children listeners what their responsibilities will be if they decide to change genders when they grow up!  Among many audio issues later in the show Darryl plays a leaked Donald Trump phone call as he tries to order flowers for his daughter.  Later Alan and Darryl discuss the brilliance of the Clintons, The much sought after Monica Lewinsky endorsement and Pastor Manning sings a special anti Sodomite Prayer

Stewie, The Zoo and The National Fart In

Darryl brings his godson Stewie on to co host the first part of the show and talk about how amazing of a human being he is.  Also Darryl says he will never revisit the zoo and thinks that an attack will happen there soon.  Later Darryl talks about the Green parties national Fart In they have planned and calls a bean company to figure out the best type of beans to purchase for this event!

Manning Denounces Trump, Save MCS

Today Darryl goes on a rant saying he does not “understand” being transgender.  Later in the first hour Pastor Manning is no longer endorsing Donald Trump.  At the end of the show Darryl comes up with a plan to save MCS that includes placing a wall around Florida and a few other states!

RIP ALI, Bernie is Fake & No Breast Cancer

Today Darryl gives a tribute to Muhammad Ali with a few stories from his meetings with him.  Also Darryl questions Bernie Sander’s sincerity after a private phone call is revealed between himself and a voter.  Later Pastor Manning teaches men how he ensures his wife does not get breast cancer!ali © 2015 Frontier Theme