Blacks Vs Police, and Obama Writes Manning A Letter


Darryl and MCS make plans to take over Haiti.  Darryl gives his spin on the differences between how blacks and whites view the police and their interactions with them.  Later The Trump campaign is discussed and a letter arrives to Pastor Manning that is supposedly written by Obama!

Sir Darryl Teaches Your Children How To Be Adults


Darryl spends the first part of his show today teaching his children listeners what their responsibilities will be if they decide to change genders when they grow up!  Among many audio issues later in the show Darryl plays a leaked Donald Trump phone call as he tries to order flowers for his daughter.  Later Alan and Darryl discuss the brilliance of the Clintons, The much sought after Monica Lewinsky endorsement and Pastor Manning sings a special anti Sodomite Prayer

Stewie, The Zoo and The National Fart In

Darryl brings his godson Stewie on to co host the first part of the show and talk about how amazing of a human being he is.  Also Darryl says he will never revisit the zoo and thinks that an attack will happen there soon.  Later Darryl talks about the Green parties national Fart In they have planned and calls a bean company to figure out the best type of beans to purchase for this event!

Manning Denounces Trump, Save MCS

Today Darryl goes on a rant saying he does not “understand” being transgender.  Later in the first hour Pastor Manning is no longer endorsing Donald Trump.  At the end of the show Darryl comes up with a plan to save MCS that includes placing a wall around Florida and a few other states!

RIP ALI, Bernie is Fake & No Breast Cancer

Today Darryl gives a tribute to Muhammad Ali with a few stories from his meetings with him.  Also Darryl questions Bernie Sander’s sincerity after a private phone call is revealed between himself and a voter.  Later Pastor Manning teaches men how he ensures his wife does not get breast cancer!ali

Women’s Health Issues, The Dead Gorilla & Stealing For The Church


Darryl’s PLAGUED FILLED SHOW is surrounded by a call to the Summer’s Eve company to find out which product they recommend for Darryl’s girlfriend’s tainted vagina, Hillary Clinton makes a call to a radio show and vomit’s on air, Pastor Manning encourages people to rob banks before they miss a tithe and Darryl ,Alan and (sort of ) MCS try to discuss the gorilla shot at the zoo but the fact that Alan cannot hear MCS does not end the show!

Happy Anniversary & All Gender Bathrooms


Today is the anniversary of Darryl’s marriage to his egg donor.  Also today Darryl rants about transgender people in the bathroom’s and asks EVERYONE to relax!


Darryl Solves The Immigration Issue Today


Darryl starts the show with technical difficulties which leads him to wonder what the top 10 songs are.  Alan seems to know one of the members so Darryl asks him to explain why he knows this person which SOMEHOW turns into a discussion about slavery and making immigrants slaves in order to solve our immigration policy!   Also today Pastor Manning reveals a conversation that will happen in heaven and Alan and Darryl discuss Trump, Lyin Ted and The Long Legged Mack Daddy!

RIP Prince & Pastor Manning Revelations

prince 01

As the show starts Alan bursts in to inform us all that Prince has passed away which takes hour 1 into a totally different direction as both Alan and Darryl discuss their views on The Purple Legend!  In hour 2 Pastor Manning updates galore and the story of a Gay Pastor who accused Whole Foods of discrimination!

Establishing A New Relationship With Yourself (Wholistic Truth Ep 4)


This week Darryl challenges everyone to form a new relationship with themselves by being kind to their body, mind and soul!

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