Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 20



  •  Top Stories; We celebrate Kobe Bryant #Mamb4Life #LGBTQTakeOver; GRAMMYs recap! Lil Nas wins BIG and clapsback at HATERS! Congrats to Lizzo, BILLIE ELLISH AND MORE! Gabrielle Union back in the news.. FDA Warning, NYC News, CVS Receipt scarf, … AND MORE.
  • #GOPCorruption; Repubs ok with TREASON? #machiavellianism PLUS! GAO defines the WH as breaking the LAW!?? Lev speaks again! Senator Lindsey? We’ll explain! #ImpeachmentTrial UPDATE!
  • Diddy slams the Grammys… then  MA$E slams him!?? #BlackExcellence??
  • Lil Nas X makes history winning 2 Grammys and special performance but the streets are talking..? Hip Hop artist Pastor Troy made very homophobic remarks after his win.. And he responds with an epic tweet!
  • Terry Crews apologizes.. Finally to Gabby!? PLUS! She booked a new gig!
  • CVS Receipt Scarf.. And how can you get one?.. PLUS! Jlo or Shakira?
  • Corona-Virus UPDATE!; PLUS FDA warns PURELL Hand Sanitizer!?
  • We remember Kobe..the host talk memories and read LeBron’s message*



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