Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 21



  •  Top Stories; #Mamba4Ever… the drama continues!! Oprah defends her friend Gayle King after death threats from the culture?? Jay and Bey in the news* #SuperBowl protest or nah!? #LGBTQTakeOver; we celebrate the life of Marsha P. Johnson who is being honored in NYC! PLUS! #DemDebate recap, #ImpeachedForLife Update! #BlackHistoryMoment + MORE!
  • #GOPCorruption; Repubs ok with TREASON? #machiavellianism PLUS! Entire US (Repub) Senate votes to Acquit! Well, except Mitt Romney! Lone wolf or the next target? We’ll explain! #ImpeachmentTrial UPDATE!
  • Jay and Bey news; did they stage a protest during the national anthem??
  • IOWA Debacle!; What happened!?? DNC!! Fire Tom Perez!?
  • #DemDebate recap; Winners/Losers? We’re talking about Amy K. record and what happened to Buttigieg after his POC slip-up? Warren slam dunk?
  • Oprah defends her BFF Gayle King, after death-threats over Kobe question
  • Corona-Virus UPDATE!; we fact check what’s going on and NYC scare?
  • NYC News;NYC to rename Brooklyn park after Trans-Activist/LGBTQ Icon Marsha P. Johnson and @ejpcceocorner/twitter shares a poll.. to have her birthday become a National Holiday!? We’ll discuss.



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