Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep 24



  •  Top Stories; #BlackHistoryMonth continues with celebration of #BlackExcellence..AND we recap #NAACP Image Awards, talk about Marsai Martin rise to success, and #BlackLivesMatter the WH edition!!? Corona-Virus UPDATE! Viral News, #DemDebate recap + MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; Repubs ok with TREASON? #machiavellianism PLUS! Weeks after US (Repub) Senate votes to Acquit! .. No RULE OF LAW? 
  • SXSW announces first-ever PRISE SHOWCASE feat. LGBTQIA Artists!
  • Normani breaks her silence on Camela + Fifth Harmony racial experience
  • #LGBTQTakeOver;  Terry Miller + Andraya Yearwood.. UPDATE!!!


Jussie Smollet back in the news!! Speaking for his rights.. FIGHT OR DIE!?


  • POPEYES VS IVY PARK VS OREOS… ? #NYFW here they come?? 
  • JLO and Shakira… still getting complaints, OVER 1000?? After #Superbowl
  • Elizabeth Warren.. EXIST?? -theroot//WHY I AM VOTING FOR WARREN
  • Marsai Martin wins big @NAACP Awards.. PLUS! We play 8 questions*
  • Corona-Virus UPDATE!; we fact check what’s going on and NYC scare?
  • NYC News; NY Top Democrats fight ‘No-BAIL’ disaster.. PLUS BK DA’s quit? And, MTA  Mayhem? PLUS! Can Andrew Yang run for NYC Mayor?
  • PLUS!.. Who is willing to take his (YANG) UBI Policy National… or NYC!??
  • The host @ejpceocorner/@justdoodirty2 chats about ##BlackHistoryMonth



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