Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 25



  •  Top Stories; We celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth and their many strides,   Greta Thunberg, Janet Mock in the news, #SuperTuesday recap, WARREN being the last woman standing, Influencer News, CoronaVirus update.. PLUS! #SXSW canceled, can there be others as well?, #LGBTTVRecap + MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; the President goes on a mis-information tour via #COVID19 news conferences* and his WH Admin/Medical Experts says opposite (factual) information..? PLUS! Did MIke Pence fart on LIVE TV? AND… we talk about Repub Sen. Susan Collins and how she has to go! 
  • #SuperTuesday results and recap; AND.. then there were 2! Bernie vs Biden
  • NYC News; dozens of Brooklyn Assistant DA’s quit!? Due to new NY Law? Coronavirus hits NYC..and panic ensues* PLUS! 12 things New Yorkers say
  • SXSW canceled??? Due to coronavirus outbreak/scare? More to follow!?
  • CoronaVirus UPDATE!… Amazon, +other major brands price gouging?? PLUS Facebook already putting out mis-information ads?? MAKE IT STOP!
  • #LGBTQTakeOver;  Janet Mock in the news! Teaming up w/ Ryan Murphy again? PLUS! 4 Trans AA Women shaking up the world #ICYMI and a Repub comes out as GAY PLUS! Greta Thunberg and how she’s shaping the world in the fight for  climate change! +MORE…. Death threats, and Young Conservatives love Greta?
  • Influencer News; Instagram update! Viral Tik-Tok dance/Jeff Bezos videos*
  • The host @ejpceocorner/@justdoodirty2 talk about #WomensHistoryMonth
  • #LGBTQTVRecap: #ExOnTheBeach, #LHHM, #Twenties, and #Catfish



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