Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep. 27



  • #GOPCorruption; the President goes on a mis-information tour via #COVID19 news conferences* and his WH Medical Experts says opposite? The  Twilight Zone episode continues*! And he takes NO RESPONSIBILITY!
  • #GOPCorruption; Repub Senators sell stocks via corona? Insider trading!?
  • #SuperTuesday 3!! results and recap; AND..  Bernie vs Biden showdown!
  • OPRAH… in the news again! Caught in conspiracy by QAnon hate-group??
  • NYC News; Gov. Cuomo to the rescue!! #COVID19  hits NYC..lockdown*? Hostess cakes.. Announces Shakes? Beverages coming to a store near you
  • #LGBTQTakeOver; Mykki Blanco.. Opens up about transparency! PLUS!


Is he an outlier or an icon due to his past ways but actions speak louder?? 


  • The host @ejpceocorner/@justdoodirty2 celebrates #WomensHistoryMonth with #coronatime..!! Support #SmallBusiness



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