Host Chat Live S. 2 Ep 44 (Season Finale)



  •  Top Stories;  SEASON FINALE EPISODE!! State of the country and much more!




  • The host chat about.. The season finale episode and much more!
  • #GOPCorruption; the Republicans continue to stay complicit while FOX News continues to attack Democratic Politicians including NY AG!
  • Tish James drop a hammer on the NRA .. with a lawsuit #DissolveNRA
  • John Oliver explains what the Confederacy is all about & how we got here
  • Kanye West being used as a pawn for the GOP?? Exclusive reporting.
  • We hear from the #RepublicansAgainstTrump..+why they’re voting 4 Biden!
  • Michelle and Barack are back. We listen to what they have to say!
  • Political Activist/Dissident Noam Chomsky tell us why Trump is the most dangerous figure in human history and why the GOP is the most dangerous organization to our society! PLUS! Host @ejpceocorner explains what he shares with Noam.



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