Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 13



  • TopStories; HELLO 2021!.. #Goodbye2020! The hosts are back to celebrate the first weekend of the new year and it’s ALL about GEORGIA! #GARUnOffs AND How #BlackVotersMatter founder @MSLatoshaBrown has been on the ground since day one, knocking on over 2 Million+ doors across the state! +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption; When will the Republicans just let go of this obstruction/ant-democratic hostile takeover? We’ll only time will tell but we have the latest on the whereabouts of the soon-to-be DOA. once was a vibrant party…
  • PLUS! TRUMP is hiding golfing..or is he? WATCH WHAT THEY DO!
  • We hear from Nurses about the vaccine rollout and one who already received it!
  • The hosts go over what went down this past NYE Celebrations on live television!
  • CNN Brian Stelter explains WHY ..the lasting legacy of TRUMP will be Narcissism!
  • #TheView; Ana Navarro scolds (R) FL Senator Marco Rubio* for filth!! And the hosts chat about it… Should #NutMeg McCain return..? Or Nah? We hate to see it!
  • #BlackVoterMatter; La’Tosha Brown//NY TImes* 2 Million Doors and counting!!
  • GEORGIA is on our mind!; Everything about the Senate Runoffs! #OssoffWarnock
  • (D) Progressive Senator* Ed Markey scolds the  Grim Reaper/Mitchell McConell
  • PLUS!; EJ and Kris exclusive #WNKIKI clip..of Celebrity Make-up Artist The RGuy!



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