Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 14





  • TopStories; The host are back for the 2nd to last week of the TRUMP ADMIN and we certainly have a LOT to talk about! This whole show is dedicated to what happened this past week at the Nation’s Capitol Building and how we can NEVER look back




  • #GOPCorruption; While the Nation’s Capitol was vandalized and under siege the President and his sycophants watch and applaud as Congress is being attacked!
  • The host chat about who is needed to be held accountable* what happens next!?
  • Celebrating the Senate wins of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff! #ByeMcConnell
  • Rep Adam Schiff reminded us a year ago about the danger of a reckless President!
  • House Rep Ayanna Pressley (Progressive Party) enters into her 2nd term strong
  • We take a look back at what happened this past week of #TheView! #Nutmeg show
  • Whoopi and Nutmeg have a moment during a live interview..again!
  • Joy tells her real feelings.. NO I DIDN’T MISS YOU!
  • ABC News Martha Radditz explains how many Vets were at the Capitol!
  • Brian (the Producer) comes out in Meghan’s  defense post showdown..??
  • Ana Navarro calls out every Republian enablers of TRUMP Admin* period!



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