Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 28



  • TopStories; After the first 99 days.. We finally get to hear from President Biden at this past week’s #SOTU speech where he laid out his plans for the country* however, the Republicans’ heads are spinning.. Meanwhile the #CultureWar continues..PLUS! Drama on the set of #POSEFX? The hosts share their thoughts. +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption; Republicans are losing their minds.. Including Nutmeg of #TheView and ‘Uncle Tim’ Scott who responded to President Joe Biden’s SOTU speech! What’s next? We’ll never know..but we may have an idea! #VotingRights 
  • We listen to Pres. Biden SOTU speech and what was proposed to America.
  • Time to celebrate; Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi make HER-story!
  • #Pelosied; Nancy calls out the Republicans for who they are.. Grifters!
  • #TheView; Nutmeg loses her mind after Tim Scott SOTU response backlash!
  • Rudy Guiliani investigated for possible Treason? FBI raided his home* #FYI
  • Former Trumper Michael Cohen.. Calls out Rudy for his wrongdoings..did he speak too if he’s a hero?.. PLUS! Guiliani son speaks up!
  • Biden makes a promise to the LGBTQ community… will he follow up? #SOTU



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