Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 4



  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #VPDebate, #TrumphasCOVID follow-up, #MelaniaTapes pt2, FBI arrest some PROUD BOYS… #Election2020 UPDATES +MORE!




  • GOPCorruption; Republicans gone wild…! Senator Mike Lee claims democracy is dead* then the #COVIDInChief…! Host first press conference since testing positive then leaving the hospital in less than a WEEK!??
  • Celebrity Ken Jeong calls out WWE Superstar John Cene\a… one on one??
  • #MelaniaTapes pt2; FLOTUS has leaked tapes… she really DOESNT CARE!
  • #lgbttvrecap; EJ+DJ chats VP debate KAMALA X PENCE. I’M SPEAKING?
  • Say hello to Malcom Kenyatta; the LGBT Rep (D) always.. ‘INSISTENT’
  • CA House Rep (D) Katie Porter lays the smackdown on BIG PHARMA!
  • 13 White Supremacists arrested by FBI for conspiracy to kidnap MI Gov?
  • EJ discuss why the #PresidentialDebates Commission* needs to change!!
  • DJ talks about why we must stand and support Nigeria with #EndSarsNow



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