Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 5




  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #Less than 3 weeks away tp #ElectionDay2020 and over 20+ Million Americans already #EarlyVoting..can we make this happen!? Diddy introduces us to the #OurBlackParty.. We hear the latest about the latest campaigns against Dr. Anthony Fauci #StandWithFauci #MegTheeStallion* +MORE!!




  • GOPCorruption; How long do the American people have to wait for the GOP to act? PLUS! We hear the latest #RepublicanVotersAgainstTrump
  • Olivia Troye former WH Aide..defends Fauci +pledges vote for #BidenHarris
  • Nancy Pelosi is making the case clear to the American people! #Stimulus
  • What is happening!; Ice Cube + Kanye and now DIDDY!? Let’s talk!!
  • Meg Thee Stallion pens op-ed to NY Times.. #ProtectBlackWomen
  • @WWE HOF Mick Foley aka Mankind/CactusJack pleads to TRUMP!!?
  • #lgbttvrecap; We takes a listen to what happened at #SCOTUSHearing
  • Latest on #TheView; Nutmeg’s Mother Cindy McCain endorses Biden!
  • 12 year old Caleb Anderson is a Sophomore in College?? #MENSA
  • DJ shares what’s happening in NYC Politics?? Mayoral race in 2021!!
  • #BBMAs; Billboard Awards recap..+EJ proclaims his love of Brandy



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