Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 6



  •  Top Stories;  the host chat about the latest news headlines from the past week! #Less than 2 weeks away tp #ElectionDay2020 and over 45+ Million Americans already #EarlyVoting…ARE WE READY FOR #BIDENHARRIS!? #TrumpCrimeFamily* grifting continues.. And Barack Obama makes a return to the campaign, EJ debuts new segment #PoliticosAndBeauracrats +MORE!!




  • GOPCorruption; With days left until we vote.. The republicans are running scared!! Quiet much!? We have the latest headlines from that party..
  • EJ debuts segment #PoliticosAndBeauracrats.. Are Republicans scared?
  • Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail… slamming TRUMP!!!
  • Beyonce called out again..? Nigerian are upset! Just a post!? #ENDSARS
  • Pete Buttigieg..on FOX NEWS and goes HAM!! TRUMP China CHECKS?
  • We hear from #FamaliesForBiden and why we all protest!! #VOTE
  • Attorney Midwin Charles comments on ICE CUBE and the appeal of voters
  • Amber Rose talks about how Kanye is just like the man in the White House!
  • Drew Comments; explains to us about the BIDEN-HARRIS black agenda!



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