Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 7



  •  Top Stories; the hosts return after a week break..! AND.. baby WE have a NEW president!!!! Congratulations JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS the 1st black/poc femaleVICE PRESIDENT! #BeatHimLikeADrum PLUS! Entertainment #HotTopics #LGBTTVRecap *MORE!




  • GOPCorruption; As the election has reached its pinnacle with Joe Biden winning the 46th Presidency.. What will be next for the GOP who won and the conspiracy theorist?? We will discuss. PLUS TRUMP having a tantrum?
  • CNN caught in a major.. PORNHUB conspiracy? We have the latest update
  • The hosts chat about the historic #bidenharris2020 win and what it means*
  • #TheView!; Sunny Hostin has to school Sarah… once again! #Election2020
  • We listen to the latest political viral sensation KJ from Kansas City!
  • Mike Tyson checks rapper Boosie about his gay!?
  • Jemele Hill x Brittany Packett-Cunningham x Tiffany Cross #Election2020
  • #LGBTTVRecap; latest on #BB22 [Big Brother] +#BETFoQus ft out artists*
  • DJ recaps the list of LGBTQ candidates who won their races!! #VOTE2020



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