Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 9



  •  Top Stories; the hosts are back for their final episode before the Thanksgiving holiday break and we have so much to discuss..! TRUMP may never leave office…? But BIDEN-HARRIS is still moving in no matter what! 60 days left until inauguration day!!  DJ chats about being in #TwitterJail AGAIN? PLUS! More #Election2020 results coming in.. #ViralNews #NYCPolitics #COVID updates* 




  • #GOPCorruption; as the current President in the White House continues to deny his guilt and acknowledge his loss to the now President-Elect JOE BIDEN.. Republicans are running scared and defiant of keeping American democracy intact, so what’s next?
  • EJ and DJ chat about the fight for Progressives and AOC clapping back
  • We hear from the nurses/doctors who are on the front-line fighting COVID
  • Rachel Maddow expresses her deepest concerns regarding COVID scare
  • NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to receive Emmy award for COVID press coverage
  • Aussie McDonald Employee goes viral via #tiktok breaking cup(s) myth!?
  • South Australian State Premier ‘fuming’ after #pizzagate conspiracy*
  • Dr Jason Johnson scorns trump supporters.. STILL! While Rush Limbaugh let us hear from an outraged Trumper..who is willing to die for him?
  • PA State Rep Malcom Kenyatta is back..reading the room about COVID
  • OK MAG Exclusive!; screen delay? Or something else?
  • DJ explains his angst against the PBA and their illegal political threats.. What should be done and how we can stop it! PLUS! Misused funds?



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