I’ve just been told I’m not a “real voter”

Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien

Now this just ticks me off.

Soledad O’Brien is a verified Twitter user. According to her profile, she reports “for @AJAM @CNN @HBO @NatGeo @NBC and others.” She also likes to make general claims about a wide swath of people. Like the following tweet she sent out earlier today.

For the record, O’Brien is referring to Hillary Clinton as the candidate that’s “ignoring the press.” As for those of us who actually care if a declared candidate for U.S. President is ignoring the press and not answering questions? Well, you’re clearly not a “real voter.” I wonder if all of us non-real voters are going to be arrested for having the audacity to vote in elections? Because we all know it’s against the law for a “fake” voter to vote.

The stupid. It burns.

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