RWS RADIO.. TODAY IN HIP-HOP HISTORY.. June 15, 1993: Jungle Brothers release “J.Beez With The Remedy”


J. Beez Wit the Remedy is the third album by the Jungle Brothers, released during June 15, 1993 on Warner Bros. Records. The album was the result of much label trouble, where Warner Bros. constantly rejected the group’s offerings. The album in gestation was originally titled Crazy Wisdom Masters and features some considerably experimental Hip Hop for the time, as well as production from Bill Laswell.

Though the final album is considerably more conventional, experimental tracks are still in evidence, including a few left-over from the Crazy Wisdom Masters sessions (e.g. “Spittin’ Wicked Randomness,” “For The Headz At Company Z”). A few additional tracks from the Wisdom sessions have been bootlegged or leaked online.

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