Talk n Tea w/ Tammy & Nathan 1 Year Anniv.



Happy One Year Anniversary For Talk N Tea With Tammy & Nathan

First Hour Topics

 One Year Anniversary
Stacy Dash Calls Jessie Williams Panetation Slave
Tammy Talks About Hosting Harlem Pride
Recap Heritage NYC Pride Nathan James Talks About Marching In The Parade
Obama Removes The Ban On Trans Soliders Serving In The Military
Out Pastor Yvonne Harrison embroiled in “super sperm donor” scandal(UpDate)
July 4th Historic References By Nathan James
How The 4th of July Independence Day & The Election Affects You
How The Oscars Try Not To Be “Oscar So White”

Second Hour Topics

CDC HIV + Transmission Number Continue To Rise
Update On Brixit
Will Texas Leave Being Apart Of United States
Race In America, How Far Have We Come?
Captain Sully New Movie
Entire LHH Atlanta Cast May All Be Fired(Age Of Ratchetry)
How Hip Hop Is Damaging The Black Image?

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