Talk n Tea with Tammy and Nathan 5/13/2016

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First Hour

AIDS Walk May 15
Is AIDS Preventable? Why After 20 Years We Still Have A Problem With Infections
Will Jamal (Jussie Smollett) Be Leaving Empire? What Does That Mean For Gay Fans?
George Zimmerman Sells Gun Used In Trayvon Martin Death.. What’s Next??
Janet Jackson Pregnant – But Is This Her Second Baby? Ex-Husband DeBarge Says So!
Did Tammy Peay Sleep With Prince?
Woody Allen Has Never Paid Price For Child Molestation Charges
Trump Delegate Is White Supremacist?? When Will The Trump Train End?

Second Hours

New Faster Way To Travel.. Into Space? Well You Take It?
North Carolina Bathroom Law Update, What’s Next? What’s POTUS & White House Gotta To Say?
Queen Latifah #DearMama VH1 Special (Renewed)
Will Gay People Every Support LGBT Artist Fully?? (Pride Season)
POTUS Will Be Missed? Will We Every Get Another Obama?Are Women Are Women Begining To Look More Like Drag Queens or Trans Girls? (Nene Leekes)
Why Is Siri So Shady?
Sizzle Miami Is Projected To Be The Best Yet


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