Talk n Tea with Tammy and Nathan 6/11/2015



Today’s Hot Topics

Hillary Clinton Breaks Glass Ceiling What’s Next?
How Big Was The Lose Of Muhammad Ali?
Will You Know Someone When You Get To Heaven? (Tammy Loses A Really Good Friend)
Young Rapist Gets Off Because Dad Is A Judge
Correction Union Leader & Officers Arrested In Corruption In NYC
Tammy Discusses Her Experience With Rikers Island, What’s Really Going On Behind Bars?
Bobby Brown Tells All In Book, But Did He Go Too Far With Whitney’s Lesbian Relationship?
Blaq Chyna Skin Color Debate? Really?? What’s Really Behind The Hoopla?

Pride Month Events & News


Tammy Peay hosting Harlem Pride
LHH Houston
High School Trans Athlete Runner Causes Controversy
Beyonce Performs At Citi Field In NYC, But Where Were The Cops
Why The First Family Is One Of The Best Families To Serve In The White House?

Hot Or Not

Mzz Amirra O

Mz Amirra O – Hard Knocks
Mz Amirra O – BMore Finest


Neal Bennington – Broadway Sings For Pride



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