Talk n Tea with Tammy and Nathan 6/18/2016


CELEBRATING 1 Year Anniversary of Talk n Tea


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Orlando Shooting, May We Never Forget The Names.
The Gun Control Issue
The Politics
Disney Orlando Alligator Attacks
Oprah Backs Hillary
The 1 year Anniversary of Talk n Tea
Facebook, Google & Twitter Sued By Paris Terrorist Victim Families

Second Hour

UK May Separate From European Union
Great Britian & The Blaxit
Prince WIlliams Supports LGBT Human Rights & Makes History
Will Queen Latifah Ever Come Out?
Love & Hip Hop Drama Joseline Attacks Stevie J
Why Is Gay Still Slinging Negative Attack?
Richard Simmons: Is He Transitioning or Just Depressed? Whats Really Going On?
Nathan Hale Williams Screens “90 Days”
Who Is Your Gay Crush?
List Of Gay People You Should Know That Supports The Community: Happy Pride Month

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