The best answer to the Iraq War question

Senator Tom Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton, an Iraq war veteran who is now a U.S. Senator, recently said the following to the Washington Examiner when asked the Iraq War question:

“Knowing what we know now, I absolutely would have sent the Pacific Fleet out of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 4 to intercept the Japanese Fleet,” Cotton told the Washington Examiner during an interview in his Capitol Hill office. “I say that to highlight how foolish the question is. You don’t get to live life in reverse. What a leader has to do is make a decision, at the moment of decision, based on the best information he has. George Bush did that in 2002 and 2003 and he was supported by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and John Kerry and every western country’s intelligence agency.”

This is the best answer to the Iraq War question that is being asked ad nauseam today. We can’t rule by hindsight. We can learn from it, which Senator Cotton does point out in the article, but we have to make decisions based on the information we have at any given time. It will always take years after a decision before that 20/20 hindsight kicks in.

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