TOTD-Givin’ My All-Rhonda Thomas

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It’s no secret how much I love Hyde Park Records in Chicago, if you are ever in town make your way there and plan to stay for hours. Anyway, on my last trip I picked up this album just on my normal “gut feeling”. The name kinda sounded familiar, but when you have been listening to 100 plus songs daily for the past 10 or so years you can’t remember everyone’s name. BUT when I played her I remembered the voice which made me try and figure out where I knew the voice from. Flashback to 2011, I was on CD Baby and I think I bought a album by Penny Wells(check her out too and she will probably be TOTD tomorrow) and Rhonda was listed as “similar artist” I think she only had an EP. I bought it and this song was on there. So five years later the song still catches my ear(sign of a good song). Enjoy!! © 2015 Frontier Theme