Will NBC keep Brian Williams around?

Brian Williams

A CNN Money article posted yesterday says NBC is trying to find some way to keep Brian Williams at the network after his six month suspension for repeatedly embellishing his personal experiences ends in August.

I don’t see how NBC can expect to keep Williams after the suspension is up. He can’t return as host to Nightly News without alienating both the viewers and current fill-in host Lester Holt, who has managed to keep the show from completely sinking into oblivion. Yet keeping Williams on as some sort of NBC beat reporter will only further highlight just how far he fell. Plus, anything he reports on will be met with skepticism from the public for quite some time.

NBC should probably let Williams go. Given how big the TV news landscape is these days, he will eventually land somewhere. Either that, or keep him behind the scenes until next year’s primary elections ramp up, at which point they can bring him back as some sort of political correspondent. There should be enough mud being thrown by the candidates by then that no one will notice who is delivering the news.

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