According to tweeter, “Whiteness is an American invention”

U.S. Flag

A little over a week ago, I made a post about Travis Boys, a black man who was arrested after killing one of New Orleans finest. The point of the post was to counter all the people who were claiming white privilege as to the reason why Dylann Roof was arrested instead of gunned down after he killed nine people in a church. I wanted them to see that race had nothing to do with why they were arrested but, instead, it was the fact that neither one of them tried to fight off the police when they were confronted.

Naturally, there are people so fixated on race that they cannot see the obvious when it’s handed to them on a silver platter. Instead, they choose to say things like this:

Wait………………. “whiteness is an American invention?” You mean……….. my family wasn’t white when they first came over to the United States?

Mind blown.

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