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Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 24


Host Chat Live S 3 Ep. 23



  • TopStories; the host commemorate the loses of life with the AAPI community following the mass shootings of 8 people including 6 Asian woman.. what happens next? EJ and DJ shares stories* PLUS! We cover the follow up to #TheTalk, Justin Bieber is back in the news, Senator Warnock +MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; where is the GOP? Oh yeah, they’re still obstructing and supporting the insurrection of democracy* when will this end?
  • NY State Rep Grace Meng speaks up after the attacks on Asian Americans.
  • Breaking; 8 ppl shot dead in Atlanta, GA due to another White Supremacist Terrorist..bad day? No it’s called domestic terrorism!
  • Scott/Activiso George Takai comes forward and advocate for better laws and policies*
  • Senator Warnock gives his condolences to the AAPI
  • Entertainment News; Jemille Hill talks about The Talk and Sharon Osbourne.
  • Internet Sleuth/Independent Journalist Yashar Ali had the exclusive of what had happened on #TheTalk, including behind the scenes and statement from sources*
  • Justin Bieber and BLM appropriation? MLK interlude in latest song but Bernice King condones it? We don’t! PLUS! There’s evidence resurfacing.
  • Tiktok star @RideKareoke breaks down Bieber’s thievery with the black culture.
  • Nutmeg and Joy goes head to head on #TheView over ANTIFA
  • Andrew Cuomo tapes..+more!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 22




  • TopStories; Ladies and gentlemen… the American Rescue Plan aka #ARP bill has been passed and #SurvivalChecks have been cleared and are on the way! Meanwhile, the GOP is still nowhere to be found! PLUS! More vaccines are coming… And the latest on the drama at the ROYAL PALACE! +MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; Where are the Republicans?…. Oh yeah, they’re still obstructing the 117th Congress! Something at this point, we have to be honest, clearly they’re good at that and ONLY that! Policies? Nah, wrong party! Dems to the rescue! 
  • We hear basketball legend Patrick Ewing and his feelings on the Knicks* +others
  • President Joe Biden speaks on his efforts to get the latest legislative bill passed
  • Democrats celebrate their effort to pass #ARP..but there is still work to be done!
  • Meet..NY State Reps (D) Latrice Walker (BK Assembly) and Kathy Hochul (D) who is next in line to take over, once (and if) Gov. Cuomo gets impeached/or resigns!
  • Madame VP Kamala Harris.. And Doc Anthony Fauci talks about get covid vaccine
  • AOC breaks down the current American Rescue Plan and what is in for everyone!
  • Entertainment News; the latest drama felt around the world following the explosive sit-down interview of Meghan Markle and Oprah and the backlash after, including from Piers Morgan @GoodMorningBritain and his colleague Alex Beresford all the way to Sharon Osbourne from #TheTalk..!
  • Nina Parker of Enews/#DailyPop has a lot to say about Sharon Osbourne defending Piers Morgan and calling out Sheryl of #TheTalk as a black woman.
  • Obama, Bush, Carter, and Clinton (minus Orange Julius Ceasar) promote vaccines
  • DJ Akademiks..comes for hip hop legend JAY Z and his shady business pratices
  • Stacey Dash.. tries to come back to the BBQ.. but who invited her? #GurlBye
  • The hosts discuss the week that was…and getting the vaccine, EJ wants the pill?



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 21



  • TopStories; With the on-going crisis of COVID-19..will the GOP ever come to there senses!? Meanwhile, the Democrats are still working and passing bills! PLUS! We have the latest on Entertainment News including the cancellation of POSE after 3 seasons and Lil Nas X clapsback at Tekashi69!! +MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; Obstruction is in their blood! And we witness it while listening to the latest soundbytes of what happened in the Senate/House chambers.. Then, we discuss the GOP’s latest attempt of voter suppression..even to the SCOTUS!
  • Stacey Abrams stops by #TheReidOut and explains what Dems need to focus on!
  • Nancy Pelosi can’t remember who..Ron Johnson (R)  is and it’s hilarious!
  • Dolly Parton tells us what it’s like getting the COVID 19 vaccine..with a new song!
  • Joe BIden has some harsh words for the GOP and they lose their minds! First thy get upset about Dr. Suess, Mr. Potato Head and now this!? What’s next?
  • Lil Nas X comes for Tekashi69 about his sliding into his DM’s after he denied it!
  • Dem House Rep, Ron Kim talks about NY Gov Cuomo and his apology or nah?
  • Gov Andrew Cuomo makes his attempt to apologize..but Deblasio ain’t having it!
  • We break down, the latest bill passed in the Senate.. American Rescue Plan!!
  • Capitol HIll; We listen to Madame VP Kamala break the tie.. And Schumer vs GOP
  • Senator Chris Murphy (D).. grills the Republicans about their $1T tax cut in 2017!
  • DJ and EJ talks about their week that was.. DJ filming a documentary? And EJ chats about what happened this past week on #wnkikitv; via JUSSIE x SAMPSON!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 20


  • TOPICS; 

  • TopStories; the continuation of where we left off last week.. And happy birthday DJ! The host follow up about the latest news in #politics #entertainment and #culture that you may have missed..! #AOC vs #TedCruz and #CPAC returns with more vengeance and lunatics! The Obama’s have a new series and so much more!
  • #GOPCorruption; here we are again… the Republicans re still running wild and crazy but now at CPAC spewing the most hatred rhetoric* ever! And meanwhile, we still don’t have relief for the American people! But we do have loads of misinformation that spreads quicker than covid -19.. Apparently! 
  • TRUMP is back at CPAC.. and who cares!?
  • AOC shows up for Texans..while TED CRUZ is in Orlando, making light of Texas!?
  • NY Rep (D) Mondaire Jones on capitol floor speak up for lgbtq rights #EqualityAct
  • Is CPAC the new.. #QPAC? We’ll let the clips speak for itself.. The saga continues*
  • The follow up on #TheBachelor.. Rachel Lindsay deletes Instagram while recist Rachel K, tells fans to not speak up for her and say that she’s not a bad person?
  • Prince Harry explains why he and Meghan Markle left the UK and came to America
  • Entertainment News; ‘The Fist Lady O’ Anthology coming to Showtime +MORE!
  • We hear from Bishop Barber of Poor People’s Campaign* about $15 min wage
  • The hosts chat about the latest attempt in the Dem party and the #FightFor15
  • Bernie Sanders explains why the $15 min wage is a necessity and we can’t wait!
  • (D) Rep Gerry Connell vs Rep Jim Jordan (R) .. you want unity? -cspan
  • Climate Activist Greta Thunberg receives coveted gold Blue Peter award!!


Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 19



  • TopStories; Republicans are running wild! And Trump is nowhere to be found.. But on Fox News still conspiring about his epic election defeat! PLUS! We have the latest on the tragic Texas snowstorm* (debacle) #TedCruz running to Cancun and leaving his voters to perish? #AOC #BetoOrouke #NYCPolitics +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption;  Weeks after the insurrection* Trump remerges on Fox and continues where he left off, with election fraud claims and he still…won the race! Meanwhile Ted Cruz and the w(what’s left of them) Republicans are running wild! 
  • Joe signs the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement! Back on the global stage!
  • LGBTQ Pennsylvania (D) Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta announces run for state Senate!
  • WWE News!; Lawyer for Concussion Lawsuit taking to the US Supreme Court?
  • NY State AG Letitia Jaes vs Everybody! Gov Cuomo, NYPD, Deblasio, TRUMP?? When it comes to Corruption..AG Tish James is ready for a fight!
  • Entertainment News; #Dolly Parton stands up for what’s right in America #ICON
  • Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye..finally! The biggest divorce ever?
  • #TheView; Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro reads Ted Cruz for filth! And Sara makes her feelings known about the now dead.. Conservative Lunatic Rush Limbaugh*
  • Joy Ann Reid of #TheReidOut; explains why this happens in Red States.. Wake up!
  • BIden Admin.. facing setbacks with (D) Joe Manchin? PLUS! Texas declared a National Emergency? We have the latest on the tragic storm..preventable?
  • Beto O’rourke gives his take on what happened in Texas and Kaepernick #BHM
  • Dr. Fauci gives his thoughts on the pandemic crisis and the equity disparities..



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 18


Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 17




  • TopStories; The week before the second impeachment and meanwhile, the Republicans are still asking for a seat at the damn table? Should Democrats listen to them this time around? PLUS! Van Jones gets dragged on #TheView .. Parkland Survivor David Hogg and Rep. Nikema Williams stands up for democracy! +MORE!



  • #GOPCorruption;  On the eve of the week of the 2nd #Impeachment of the orange deranged sociopath* will the Senate do their jobs and save democracy? 
  • AOC talks about her fear of working with Republicans  during insurrection pt2*
  • The Squads Rep. Rashida Talib and Cori Bush talks their experience on Jan 6th!
  • CNN Van Jones gets demolished on #TheView from Sunny Hostin, Ana, and Joy!
  • Rep. Nikema Williams talks about Georgia and the rise of the Black/Jewish voters*
  • Ari Melber (with the scruff!) explains the fate of DJT following the Senate trial
  • Kamala Harris breaks the Senate tie and brings the Dems budget resolution to life!
  • David Hogg (Parkland shooting survivor/gun right advocate) calls out Republicans
  • DJ and EJ discuss their week that was..including facebook angst and more!



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 16



  • TopStories; Celebrate!!!… We are back after a week break and here to chat about the latest headlines in politics and beyond! We did it ya’ll..!! Biden and Harris officially inaugurated in DC this past week! Madame VP and President gets to work with Executive Orders, Policy changes* and massive legislation demands!! 


Sounds great right? The hosts break down what really happened!! #BidenHarris



  • #GOPCorruption; Majorie Taylor Greene needs to be expelled from Congress and we have the receipts* but will Republicans do the right thing? Or will they just stay silent and complicit with the insurrectionists who are now in Congress?
  • AOC talks about her fear of working with Republicans who support insurrectionist
  • Newly elected Cori Bush talks her experience with Majorie Taylor Greene
  • Rep Jimmy Gomez writes up a Resolution with support of others* to expel MTG
  • TI and Tiny accused of alleged sexual assault .. victims send their letters +MORE
  • What happened this past week on #TheView!; Nutmeg gets the smackdown again
  • PLUS! Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for wearing an offensive shirt?
  • R&B Singer RAZ B resurfaces with his accusations of Chris Stokes and B2K
  • DJ chats about his past week starting his new iHeartRadio gig and more.



Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 15




  • TopStories; Celebrate!!!… We are back after a week break and here to chat about the latest headlines in politics and beyond! We did it ya’ll..!! Biden and Harris officially inaugurated in DC this past week! Madame VP and President gets to work with Executive Orders, Policy changes* and massive legislation demands!! 


Sounds great right? The hosts break down what really happened!! #BidenHarris



  • #GOPCorruption; Joe Biden has just been inaugurated but the same Senators were there. Weeks after the insurrection on the Capitol Building in DC on 01/06 following the election certification process* Meanwhile TRUMP IS IN MARALAGO
  • JLO tears the house down for the inauguration.. literally, once again she goes viral
  • We look back at the great fashions and highlights* #BernieMemes
  • Amanda Gorman speaks…where we stand as a country with a beautiful poem
  • Joe Biden let’s his agenda be known and has some interesting words for his staff
  • Madame VP Kamala Harris goes back to the Senate to Welcome in Ossoff/Warnock
  • Andrew Yang declares his candidacy for Mayor of New York City! #YangGANG..?
  • MLK III endorses Yang for Mayor..says he’s someone we can trust!
  • Newly elected Congressman Ritchie Torres condemns TRUMP insurrection..
  • Nancy Pelosi and the FBI calls out the domestic terrorists..and enablers!
  • #GoodbyDonnie; a special tribute from legend Bette Midler via Medias Touch* © 2015 Frontier Theme