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Ms, Selly: is a “Grown Women” who has the gift for seeing through the minutia of any given situation. Honest, forthright, driven, and hilarious with a sprinkle of cynicism and an always constant infectious smile.

Jared Paul Shuler: Jared is a native New Yorker with a spark of energy and charisma that is contagious. He has the ability to transform any tragedy into a comedic moment and a learning experience. His honesty and quick wit is a breath of fresh air. And he has a killer smile that can light up any room.

What are the pros & cons of being single?

Why do we resist a possible inevitability of ending up single? What are the pros & cons of being single?

Skeletons in the closet

Jared and Ms Selly discuss When and what to tell B4 ur partner or the person you are dating finds out? © 2015 Frontier Theme