Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 15




  • TopStories; Celebrate!!!… We are back after a week break and here to chat about the latest headlines in politics and beyond! We did it ya’ll..!! Biden and Harris officially inaugurated in DC this past week! Madame VP and President gets to work with Executive Orders, Policy changes* and massive legislation demands!! 


Sounds great right? The hosts break down what really happened!! #BidenHarris



  • #GOPCorruption; Joe Biden has just been inaugurated but the same Senators were there. Weeks after the insurrection on the Capitol Building in DC on 01/06 following the election certification process* Meanwhile TRUMP IS IN MARALAGO
  • JLO tears the house down for the inauguration.. literally, once again she goes viral
  • We look back at the great fashions and highlights* #BernieMemes
  • Amanda Gorman speaks…where we stand as a country with a beautiful poem
  • Joe Biden let’s his agenda be known and has some interesting words for his staff
  • Madame VP Kamala Harris goes back to the Senate to Welcome in Ossoff/Warnock
  • Andrew Yang declares his candidacy for Mayor of New York City! #YangGANG..?
  • MLK III endorses Yang for Mayor..says he’s someone we can trust!
  • Newly elected Congressman Ritchie Torres condemns TRUMP insurrection..
  • Nancy Pelosi and the FBI calls out the domestic terrorists..and enablers!
  • #GoodbyDonnie; a special tribute from legend Bette Midler via Medias Touch*



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