Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 16



  • TopStories; Celebrate!!!… We are back after a week break and here to chat about the latest headlines in politics and beyond! We did it ya’ll..!! Biden and Harris officially inaugurated in DC this past week! Madame VP and President gets to work with Executive Orders, Policy changes* and massive legislation demands!! 


Sounds great right? The hosts break down what really happened!! #BidenHarris



  • #GOPCorruption; Majorie Taylor Greene needs to be expelled from Congress and we have the receipts* but will Republicans do the right thing? Or will they just stay silent and complicit with the insurrectionists who are now in Congress?
  • AOC talks about her fear of working with Republicans who support insurrectionist
  • Newly elected Cori Bush talks her experience with Majorie Taylor Greene
  • Rep Jimmy Gomez writes up a Resolution with support of others* to expel MTG
  • TI and Tiny accused of alleged sexual assault .. victims send their letters +MORE
  • What happened this past week on #TheView!; Nutmeg gets the smackdown again
  • PLUS! Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for wearing an offensive shirt?
  • R&B Singer RAZ B resurfaces with his accusations of Chris Stokes and B2K
  • DJ chats about his past week starting his new iHeartRadio gig and more.



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