Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 17




  • TopStories; The week before the second impeachment and meanwhile, the Republicans are still asking for a seat at the damn table? Should Democrats listen to them this time around? PLUS! Van Jones gets dragged on #TheView .. Parkland Survivor David Hogg and Rep. Nikema Williams stands up for democracy! +MORE!



  • #GOPCorruption;¬† On the eve of the week of the 2nd #Impeachment of the orange deranged sociopath* will the Senate do their jobs and save democracy?¬†
  • AOC talks about her fear of working with Republicans¬† during insurrection pt2*
  • The Squads Rep. Rashida Talib and Cori Bush talks their experience on Jan 6th!
  • CNN Van Jones gets demolished on #TheView from Sunny Hostin, Ana, and Joy!
  • Rep. Nikema Williams talks about Georgia and the rise of the Black/Jewish voters*
  • Ari Melber (with the scruff!) explains the fate of DJT following the Senate trial
  • Kamala Harris breaks the Senate tie and brings the Dems budget resolution to life!
  • David Hogg (Parkland shooting survivor/gun right advocate) calls out Republicans
  • DJ and EJ discuss their week that was..including facebook angst and more!



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