Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 19



  • TopStories; Republicans are running wild! And Trump is nowhere to be found.. But on Fox News still conspiring about his epic election defeat! PLUS! We have the latest on the tragic Texas snowstorm* (debacle) #TedCruz running to Cancun and leaving his voters to perish? #AOC #BetoOrouke #NYCPolitics +MORE!




  • #GOPCorruption;  Weeks after the insurrection* Trump remerges on Fox and continues where he left off, with election fraud claims and he still…won the race! Meanwhile Ted Cruz and the w(what’s left of them) Republicans are running wild! 
  • Joe signs the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement! Back on the global stage!
  • LGBTQ Pennsylvania (D) Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta announces run for state Senate!
  • WWE News!; Lawyer for Concussion Lawsuit taking to the US Supreme Court?
  • NY State AG Letitia Jaes vs Everybody! Gov Cuomo, NYPD, Deblasio, TRUMP?? When it comes to Corruption..AG Tish James is ready for a fight!
  • Entertainment News; #Dolly Parton stands up for what’s right in America #ICON
  • Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye..finally! The biggest divorce ever?
  • #TheView; Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro reads Ted Cruz for filth! And Sara makes her feelings known about the now dead.. Conservative Lunatic Rush Limbaugh*
  • Joy Ann Reid of #TheReidOut; explains why this happens in Red States.. Wake up!
  • BIden Admin.. facing setbacks with (D) Joe Manchin? PLUS! Texas declared a National Emergency? We have the latest on the tragic storm..preventable?
  • Beto O’rourke gives his take on what happened in Texas and Kaepernick #BHM
  • Dr. Fauci gives his thoughts on the pandemic crisis and the equity disparities..



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