Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 20


  • TOPICS; 

  • TopStories; the continuation of where we left off last week.. And happy birthday DJ! The host follow up about the latest news in #politics #entertainment and #culture that you may have missed..! #AOC vs #TedCruz and #CPAC returns with more vengeance and lunatics! The Obama’s have a new series and so much more!
  • #GOPCorruption; here we are again… the Republicans re still running wild and crazy but now at CPAC spewing the most hatred rhetoric* ever! And meanwhile, we still don’t have relief for the American people! But we do have loads of misinformation that spreads quicker than covid -19.. Apparently! 
  • TRUMP is back at CPAC.. and who cares!?
  • AOC shows up for Texans..while TED CRUZ is in Orlando, making light of Texas!?
  • NY Rep (D) Mondaire Jones on capitol floor speak up for lgbtq rights #EqualityAct
  • Is CPAC the new.. #QPAC? We’ll let the clips speak for itself.. The saga continues*
  • The follow up on #TheBachelor.. Rachel Lindsay deletes Instagram while recist Rachel K, tells fans to not speak up for her and say that she’s not a bad person?
  • Prince Harry explains why he and Meghan Markle left the UK and came to America
  • Entertainment News; ‘The Fist Lady O’ Anthology coming to Showtime +MORE!
  • We hear from Bishop Barber of Poor People’s Campaign* about $15 min wage
  • The hosts chat about the latest attempt in the Dem party and the #FightFor15
  • Bernie Sanders explains why the $15 min wage is a necessity and we can’t wait!
  • (D) Rep Gerry Connell vs Rep Jim Jordan (R) .. you want unity? -cspan
  • Climate Activist Greta Thunberg receives coveted gold Blue Peter award!!


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