Host Chat Live S. 3 Ep. 22




  • TopStories; Ladies and gentlemen… the American Rescue Plan aka #ARP bill has been passed and #SurvivalChecks have been cleared and are on the way! Meanwhile, the GOP is still nowhere to be found! PLUS! More vaccines are coming… And the latest on the drama at the ROYAL PALACE! +MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; Where are the Republicans?…. Oh yeah, they’re still obstructing the 117th Congress! Something at this point, we have to be honest, clearly they’re good at that and ONLY that! Policies? Nah, wrong party! Dems to the rescue! 
  • We hear basketball legend Patrick Ewing and his feelings on the Knicks* +others
  • President Joe Biden speaks on his efforts to get the latest legislative bill passed
  • Democrats celebrate their effort to pass #ARP..but there is still work to be done!
  • Meet..NY State Reps (D) Latrice Walker (BK Assembly) and Kathy Hochul (D) who is next in line to take over, once (and if) Gov. Cuomo gets impeached/or resigns!
  • Madame VP Kamala Harris.. And Doc Anthony Fauci talks about get covid vaccine
  • AOC breaks down the current American Rescue Plan and what is in for everyone!
  • Entertainment News; the latest drama felt around the world following the explosive sit-down interview of Meghan Markle and Oprah and the backlash after, including from Piers Morgan @GoodMorningBritain and his colleague Alex Beresford all the way to Sharon Osbourne from #TheTalk..!
  • Nina Parker of Enews/#DailyPop has a lot to say about Sharon Osbourne defending Piers Morgan and calling out Sheryl of #TheTalk as a black woman.
  • Obama, Bush, Carter, and Clinton (minus Orange Julius Ceasar) promote vaccines
  • DJ Akademiks..comes for hip hop legend JAY Z and his shady business pratices
  • Stacey Dash.. tries to come back to the BBQ.. but who invited her? #GurlBye
  • The hosts discuss the week that was…and getting the vaccine, EJ wants the pill?



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